With your "deichwebsite" to more customer inquiries

Do you have a functioning service?
Are you an expert in your field?
Maybe you already have your own website?
But you don't get enough new customers through the website?

Hello, I'm Matthias van den Nieuwendijk. The internet has been my great passion since the late 80s. I have been developing websites for my own projects for over 15 years. For about 5 years now, we as deichweb have been implementing exciting website projects for our customers.

Your project, service and your new customers are the focus.

Your new website is specifically tailored to your needs and communicates the benefits of your service. Modern online marketing strategies and technologies turn your website visitors into prospects and subsequently to paying customers.

With a “dyke website” you save money, generate more sales and have more time for yourself again.

So finally focus again on what you started for as an entrepreneur, pursue your vision and become the best provider in your field.

Yours benefits with a dyke website

Your advantages with a dyke website

More customers

With the latest online marketing concepts, you receive contact requests directly via the website

More deals

The website visitor is perfectly prepared for your sales pitch.

individual design

Every business is different. That's why you get your very own website from us

Automation included

Your website takes over the automatic communication with the website visitors


No matter what language your website visitors speak. Your website speaks their language.


Your website looks perfect on all devices (smartphone, desktop and tablet).

Online shop possible

Do you want to sell something through your website? It's very easy with a shop extension.


Appointments with customers without calling back and forth. It's easy through your website.

Integration of social media

Your posts from Facebook, Instagram or other social media channels can be easily integrated


Your personal statistics always give you precise information about the success of your website.

Your idea implemented

Do you have a special idea what your website should be able to do? Tell us and we will implement it.


Maintain website yourself

You can easily make changes to your website yourself.

Satisfaction guarantee

We want a perfect result. That's why we're working on the website until we're satisfied.

Fair pricing

Choose the price model that suits you perfectly from a fixed price, subscription model or a mixed form.

The procedure a website creation

The process of creating a website


In a meeting we analyze your business together and create the concept for your new website based on a clear structure.

Texts - graphics - prototype

We use the supplied material to create advertising texts, graphics and a website prototype.

Creation of the website

Based on the prototype, the final website is developed and presented to you. The website only goes online when you are really satisfied with it.


After the launch, we are constantly monitoring and optimizing the website and are still at your side with advice and action. 

Over 35 years of experience for your success

Over 35 years of experience for your success

> 5 years marketing automation

> 15 years of website development

> 25 years entrepreneur / sales / marketing

> 35 years of programming

Some deichweb projects

Some deichweb projects

Andreas Schrader (Coach)
  • Development of the website
  • Podcast blog
  • Customer area
  • Comprehensive forms for internal customer training
  • Newsletter Sign up


i-Ryde (Product)
  • Development of the website
  • Development of the marketing concept
  • Customer maintains page


Microglobe (Music producer)
  • Development of the website
  • Blog system
  • Email marketing funnel
  • Logo development
  • Customer maintains page


Pari Productions (Dance group)
  • Development of the website
  • Schedule tool
  • Migration of content from the old website
  • Extensive galleries
  • Customer maintains page


Solartech Records (Music label)
  • Development of the website
  • Special functions for linking artists with releases
  • Customer maintains page


Psychedelic Experience (Festival)
  • Development of the website
  • Integration of Facebook and Instagram content
  • Supervision of the content


Get this E-book

Get the e-book

With sales automation, the topic of cold acquisition is a thing of the past, as the interested parties (leads) are automatically contacted and warmed up during the first conversation.

Leads are just as important in business as sales. Without leads, sales can get into trouble because no sales can be made without prospects.

A sales process is math. If you contact enough potential customers, there will be mathematical deals. If this process is automated, then you can scale this process, save a lot of costs and generate many more deals.

In the e-book "More sales with dream customers at the push of a button" I present 15 strategies and tips for your effective sales automation.

Marketing with the Knowledge of the best coaches

Marketing with the knowledge of the best coaches

Matthias Deichweb
with Europe's most successful sales trainer Dirk Kreuter

Matthias Deichweb receives his certificate as a business consultant from Click tip Founder Mario Wolosz

Matthias Deichweb together with marketing legend Pascal Feyh from "More Business"

Say that our customers

Thats what our customers say

We had a very old and extensive website that was going to be redesigned. The deichweb team did a great job here! Now the website is finally modern and brings us new customers again and at a good fair price! For the regular shows, Mr. van den Nieuwendijk does the Facebook promotion, which attracts many new guests every time, we are fully booked!
Highly recommended! Always my pleasure!

Alisa Kühn

Pari Productions, Hamburg

Our website urgently needed a modern facelift. At the same time, however, all previous contributions should be preserved without having to do a lot of manual improvement. And the introduction of new content should still be possible even for inexperienced employees. The Deichweb team gave us exactly that with many smart detailed solutions, and more.

Michael Mangels

microglobe music production, Berlin

At a big event I accidentally got into conversation with Matthias. We talked about new customer acquisition among other things. For me as an industrial photographer, this process is quite long and cumbersome. He suggested the LinkedIn tool to me. Of course, I was quite skeptical at the beginning, because what does LinkedIn have to do with photography? Today I am very grateful to Matthias for opening his eyes. We carried out a website optimization and introduced a LinkedIn-based acquisition process. Almost every day I get huge orders and after 3 weeks I don't know how to process all orders. Matthias is a person with a good soul and helps wherever he can. I am very, very grateful to him.
Sebastian Krämer


Many thanks to Deichweb and Mr. Nieuwendijk for the development and really perfect implementation of an online marketing concept. I used to think that you could do it without the internet, so thanks to Deichweb's “intervention” I was motivated to take this step. Today I also enjoy the praise of our customers for our online activities
Martin Gericke

Fine Arts, Berlin

For us, the support from Deichweb was worth its weight in gold! When promoting the theatrical release of our feature film "You Are Everything", we focused on the really efficient social media promotion. deichweb supported us in particular with the Facebook campaign with up-to-date know-how - thanks to the target group-specific approach and continuous optimization, we were able to significantly increase the number of viewers. Merci!
Matthias Becker

East West Film, Berlin

Frequent ask

Frequently asked questions

I already have a website. Why do I need a new website?
We'll find out whether you need a new website in a strategy meeting. It is our goal to offer our customers the best possible benefit so that the website is not just a business card, but simply wins new customers for you.
The best thing to do is to register for a consultation (strategy session) here on the website.
I have no idea for my new website. Will you help me please?
In a meeting we discuss the concept and the content of the website. There we also define the perfect structure for your chosen website goal.
Can I maintain the finished website myself?
Of course, you can insert the content for your new website yourself. Most of our customers do it that way. Of course we will show you how it works.
I don't have time to look after the website. Do you also offer full service?
If you don't have the time, we of course also offer maintenance contracts and take over the setting of new content, but also all other service tasks.
How do I know that my new deichwebsite is gaining customers for me?
An implemented tracking system gives you the opportunity to measure the success of your new website at any time.
How do I get 1st place on Google with my new website?
We are happy to support you with all questions and activities related to search engine optimization. Together we will look for the right keywords for you and create the content with which you want to rank on Google.
With constant monitoring, we measure the performance of your website posts in order to optimize them if necessary and to achieve top positions on Google.



Try us for free!

In the free strategy session, we take time for you personally. After only one hour, you will have the necessary implementation tips so that your customers and the associated jobs will find you automatically in the future. We look forward to a productive conversation.