Hempedelic goodies
Interactive marketing concepts for the hemp industry

Easily and automatically win new customers for your Hemp/Grow product or shop


instant sales

Generate instant sales through intelligent communication of offers

More sales

Generate more sales in the long term by increasing customer lifetime value

customer multiplication

Multiply your existing customer base and increase your sales


15,000 customers

Reach more than 15,000 potential customers from the Hempedelic community, which is growing fast every day

More website visitors

Receive masses of website visitors from potential new customers with a strong interest in new products

More fans

Create a strong emotional connection to your product in a playful way and thus increase your customers' willingness to buy



Create a large number of influencers through automated processes who will recommend your products or shop

customer contacts

Use the data protection compliant collection of e-mail contacts of your prospects and turn them into fans and customers

"Forbidden Ads"

Let online ads also be displayed for products that are banned on the advertising portals - without additional advertising costs!


Product samples shipping

Send product samples free of charge to exactly the right prospects who are ready to buy

emotional attachment

Achieve a very high emotional bond with your products


Get real customer testimonials that you can use for your product marketing

Up to 10x better reactions than with social media ads

In the table you can see some of the results of our customers' campaigns compared to other marketing measures for acquiring new customers
form of advertising reactions or
Click Through Rate
print ads ∅ < 0,1%
Online banners ∅ < 0,1%
Social Media Ads
1,2% - 1,6%
Hempedelic Goodies DealMail
(Evaluation: November 2022)
about 6%
Hempedelic Goodies Quiz
(Evaluation: November 2022)
about 13%

Facts & figures from the Hempedelic universe

1.5 million emails so far, who playfully build connections to products from our sponsors

269,765 website visitors (https://hempedelic.com/goodies)

28,886 registrations from participants

14,753 active members/players

2.8 is the multiplication rate of the active players based on recommendations to friends, which can be integrated into the sponsors' mailing list. Our sponsors can therefore increase their active customer list by a factor of 2.8.

7.1 is the recommendation rate per active player, whose friends visit the sponsors page and deal with the products.

This results in about 4.26 million* organically served ads (which are actually subject to the Facebook & Co block) via the accounts of active members.

In order to achieve the best business results for the sponsors of the Hempedelic Goodies, we continuously optimize the performance of the Hempedelic Goodies Marketing System. That is why we are in contact with our customers/sponsors.

Facts & figures of the ongoing healthygarden campaign

"It works - creating the campaign was super easy. We now have noticeably more traffic to our website and reach new contacts from the right target group."
...says Dominik Sperling (Managing Director of healthygaerden.de) about the current campaign.

4 out of 5 visitors are new contacts

85%-95% of the participants of the campaigns stay on the side and explore an average of 5.5 - 7 pages on their first visit.

39% of the new contacts visited the page several times

15x better click rates than previously placed online advertising

24x better sales rate than online advertising

The sales rate is 10 times higher if the interested parties are recipients of the in-house newsletter

In order to bind visitors even more strongly to the online shop, we are therefore implementing a campaign together with healthygarden, with which those interested in the Hempedelic Goodies Community are transferred as customers in the existing healthygarden newsletter in accordance with DSGVO.

The Hemp Preferences of the Hempedelic Community

Through a survey in the Goodie Game Community, we can determine exactly who is primarily interested in which hemp topics and control the campaigns accordingly.
food, cosmetics, etc

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