Much more customers through automatic recommendations

How would your business change if your customers recommended other customers? What would happen if these recommendations were automatic?

Building leads is a challenge that often involves a heavy investment in Google, social media, or other traffic sources.

Then customers have to be generated from the leads who will stay loyal for years if possible. In some industries (e.g. tobacco) an application on Facebook and Google is not possible or the range is extremely limited.

In customer surveys we have been repeatedly confirmed that the best advertising is often word of mouth. How would a business change if every customer recommended another customer? What would happen if these recommendations were automatic?

This is the idea behind Mailification!
Mailification builds leads and multiplies them with the help of automated referral marketing. In our current mailification project, we have recruited over 5500 new potential customer contacts - and that without additional online advertising!

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The benefits of the mailification system

The advantages of the mailification system

multiply existing leads

Factor 2+ is the result of our previous tests. Depending on the type of mailing list, there is more

Collect leads from other people's lists

Reach the leads of business partners in a tricky way, completely legally and GDPR compliant.

High lead quality

The leads gained with Mailification are of high quality

No additional advertising costs

Since the leads are obtained through recommendations, there are no costs for advertisements

The leads are yours

The extra leads are yours and you can send them all of your newsletters

Data protection compliant

The lead acquisition is completely legal and complies with the provisions of the General Data Protection Regulation

Collect data about your leads

Get to know your leads over time and collect useful data unnoticed and legally

Respond to lead data

Align your entire email campaign control with the lead data

New business models possible

By involving your customers in your mailification projects, you benefit and the customer pays for it

Connection to other systems

Connect the lead data with many CRM systems and process the data there

Great freedom of design

Whatever you want to implement in your newsletter project. A lot is possible!

Maintain the campaign yourself

You can easily make changes to your campaigns yourself

Satisfaction guarantee

We want a perfect result. That's why we work on the project until you are satisfied with it.

Fair pricing

Choose the price model that suits you perfectly: fixed price or fixed price + subscription

The Mailification funnel

The mailification funnel

In order to achieve a multiplication of the leads, every newsletter recipient receives the request in the emails to share a personalized recommendation link with friends and acquaintances. 

For each recommendation, the “fellow player” receives points. If a specified target number of points is achieved, the player receives a reward for his recommendations.

The amount of rewards given out by the system operator is extremely small, since the players have to earn the points and only a small part of the players reaches the number of points to be achieved because the crowd gives up beforehand.

Since new participants enter the game with each recommendation, who also pass on the recommendation link, there is a large number of newsletter recipients with an interest in the product.


With Mailification, leads can be won through an automated recommendation process.

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