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Coupons are a great way for stores to attract customers and generate sales. Discount coupons encourage customers to buy more. Coupons also help to increase awareness of your shop.

The Goodie Coupon is an ingenious tool for local shops and online shops alike, because you reach the Hempedelic Goodies Community. This is 100% target group for your shop, because these are the people who are interested in the GOODIE GAME signed up to be explicitly informed about new products and always receive the best coupons and offers.

Advantages for online shops

Send your current coupons throughout Germany once a month to more than 10,000 recipients in your core target group who have actively opted in to receive coupons.

Benefits for local shops

We can calculate the distance from the participants to your shop using the postcodes provided by the participants in the Goodie Game. The Goodie Coupon recipients always receive the shop entries/coupon texts in the order of the distance to the next shop. So you always come first in the goodie coupon mails and always have maximum attention because you are the shop around the corner.

Benefits for all shops

If you book an annual contract, you will receive your own goodie game landing page (in short: GOODIE PAGE). Here your customers can GOODIE GAME Sign up and get awesome goodies. These gifts have to be earned - and this is done by earning points, which are given, among other things, when the Goodie Game players bring more friends into the game. You can register for the GOODIE GAME via your GOODIE LANDINGPAGE. Once passed on to your customers, they always recommend YOUR goodie page with YOUR advertising. This is how you build up an ever-growing circle of interested parties who will receive your goodie coupons.

Plan your reach

The conditions for goodie coupons are calculated according to reach. If you want to reach local and regional customers for a local shop, you can get the annual deal for the 10km radius package for just under €25/month.
Coupon delivery to ALL Goodie Game e-mail recipients throughout Germany is also possible and highly recommended, especially for online shops.
Now check the desired radius on Google Maps in which the goodie coupons should be delivered. Enter your location, select the coupon promotion km-radius and then press the [Search] button

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Here you can get more information about the Goodie Coupon

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