More sales with desired customers - more time for you

In this personal analysis, I will show you how to optimize your sales process in order to attract your desired customers without the hassle of cold acquisition. You will find out how an automated sales process can even get you directly to the decision maker who is applying for an appointment with you.

Learn the deichweb customer machine know!

If you want to know how to apply the automated sales process to your company, just follow these three steps:

Step 1

You arrange a non-binding consultation here on this page. This can be a phone call or a ZOOM call. 

step 2

I am giving you my eBook "More sales with dream customers at the push of a button", in which I explain some strategies that are important for the automated generation of customers.

step 3

We will develop a strategy that is tailored to you and how you can get many more customer inquiries in future by automating your sales process.

Almost every day I get huge orders! 

Sebastian Krämer


The deichweb customer machine is the future of B2B sales.

Marco Müller

Therapist marketing

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Receive the eBook "More sales with your desired customers at the push of a button" completely free of charge after booking the appointment to prepare for our conversation.
There you will find 15 strategies for your effective sales automation.


"More sales with dream customers at the push of a button"

Find out in a consultation how you can reach hundreds of desired customers automatically.