Reach many new customers and turn them into your fans

The digital scavenger hunt for stoners, growers and other hemp lovers
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If you watch the video all the way to the end, you will get access to the special conditions of the hempedelic goodie mail
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The HEMPEDELIC GOODIE MAIL is very effective online marketing concept especially for the hemp industry.

The GOODIE MAIL supports products for stoners, smokers, growers and other hemp lovers, products with CBD, hemp food, cosmetics, etc.....

We've been implementing the concept ourselves for a year now, and we're getting fantastic results with it, which I'll show you in the video.

Do you also know these problems?

Spending hundreds or thousands of Euros a month on online ads, but not reaching enough or the right customers for the advertising budget?
Es schmerzt, wenn du daran denkst, das jeder einzelne Klick auf deine Online Anzeige immer wieder Geld kostet?
You have a product that you are not allowed to advertise on Facebook or Google, otherwise your account would be banned (or you are already banned)
You are facing strong competition in your marketing communication and are therefore looking for an effective marketing tool.
At trade fairs, many potential customers test your products, but trade fair costs are very high and you only reach a fraction of the possible target group there.
Du bietest auf deiner Website einen Newsletter (sogar mit Freebee) an, aber nur wenige Interessenten tragen sich dafür ein?

High reach in your target group
Online promotion even for "forbidden" products
Constantly new customer contacts, who are hot for your products
Turn potential customers into fans

What if... automatically reach many new customer contacts every day who have been waiting to learn more about your products. don't care about the ads account block because you can play your ads through other ways and even enter private areas where an ad would never go. use a new marketing concept to get your potential customers to independently answer the question why they should buy your products.
...du die Wünsche deiner Zielgruppe erkennst, sodass verkaufen viel einfacher wird (und deine Conversion steigt) build a strong emotional connection between the prospects and your product so that they become fans.
...du deine E-Mail Empfänger ganz einfach dazu bringen kannst mit Begeisterung jeden deiner Newsletter zu lesen und deinen Handlungsaufforderungen zu folgen
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It sounds too good to be true!
How does it work?

Imagine you place an ad and people respond to it automatically

Imagine you place an ad that reaches 10,000s of people and thousands respond to it, are interested in your products, visit the website, become a customer...

Imagine that you generate new customers every day with the "hempedelic goodie mail" concept.

We feature your business and products in the GOODIE MAIL sent to all active and future participants of the very successful Hempedelic GOODIE BOX promotion.

The Goodie Box is a box of product samples from manufacturers in the smoke and hemp industry. As of January 24, 2022, Goodie Box has approximately 14,300 participants signed up and we continue to grow strongly.

Please WATCH THE VIDEO about it, get lots of marketing tips and and learn about this effective new promotional strategy.

There you will learn how you can reach many potential new customers with the help of the Goodie Mail in a way that is not possible with conventional marketing.
Goodiebox Statistik vom 24.01.22
Development of the participant numbers in the Hempedelic Goodie Community
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