Lead generation via automated recommendation

Gain new customers, prospects and fans through your own website
You do not need any further advertising activities

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Dienstleister (lokal & online)
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Watch the video and discover the new marketing possibilities

In the customer acquisition process, it is important to reach as many precisely matching prospects as possible, in order to gain as many leads as possible, which can then become customers. The problem is, however, that these marketing actions burn a lot of budget, because online advertising is getting more and more expensive.

Exactly for this challenge there is now a solution!

Do you experience these problems as well?

Es schmerzt, wenn du daran denkst, das jeder einzelne Klick auf deine Online Anzeige immer wieder Geld kostet?
You've already said goodbye to online advertising because it's getting more and more expensive or because it's no longer reaching the right people due to increasingly strict privacy laws?
Du bietest auf deiner Website einen Newsletter (sogar mit Freebee) an, aber nur wenige Interessenten tragen sich dafür ein?
You already have an email list, but your subscribers are not responding satisfactorily to the newsletters?
You have a product that you are not allowed to advertise on Facebook or Google, otherwise your account would be banned (or you are already banned)

What if...

...you automatically generate many new customer contacts every day without spending a single cent on online ads
...your email subscribers eagerly await your next newsletter to respond to the news, visit your website and buy your products
...du die Wünsche deiner Zielgruppe erkennst, sodass verkaufen viel einfacher wird (und deine Conversion steigt)
...you turn your prospects into fans and missionaries of your products, even before they are customers at all
...you could sell promotion to business partners in your own advertising campaign, through which you can even generate new leads for your business
...du deine E-Mail Empfänger ganz einfach dazu bringen kannst mit Begeisterung jeden deiner Newsletter zu lesen und deinen Handlungsaufforderungen zu folgen

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