Trancer's Guide 2023 + online marketing

Imagine your festival is sold out or your shop is booming. The new concept of the Trancers Guide makes it possible!

Maximize your success with the new exclusive marketing tools for festivals and shops!
With a print run of 5,000 printed issues, an infinite number of online issues, magical e-mail marketing and a special system for your automated acquisition of visitors, customers and fans, you can reach a large target group of psytrancers and inspire them for your festival, your shop or your brand.
Take advantage of the exclusive opportunities offered by the new Trancers Guide and experience how your events and your business develop into a real success!

Printed booklet

The Ultimate Guide to the Psytrance World - The Final Printed Trancers Guide

Edition: 5.000
Distribution: Shipping against postage costs

online magazine

The new Trancers Guide is online and opens up many new possibilities!

Edition: infinite
Distribution: Free download

Email Marketing

Attract new visitors and customers with magical email marketing

Edition: according to your wish
Distribution: To everyone who downloaded the Trancers Guide for free.

New online marketing technology

Automatic recommendation for your festival or shop

Are you ready for your festival attendance to explode?

Introduce yourself:
Potential visitors to your festival spontaneously recommend it to their friends. Every positive review spreads like wildfire and attracts new visitors.
The excitement and enthusiasm that is created in the festival-goers is carried over to many more potential visitors. This creates interest and curiosity - exactly what we need to convert the curious into loyal festival-goers.

Let's take your festival to the next level together. With the automatic recommendation you not only reach new visitors, but also offer your existing visitors a simple and convenient way to share their enthusiasm for your festival.

Prepare for an explosion of new visitors and an incredible vibe. With the automatic recommendation we will make your festival an absolute hit!

Reach the psytrance community like never before:
The new Trancers Guide brings you to the fans



More sales

Inspire many people with your festival, product or shop and make more sales

instant sales

Generate instant revenue through sales to new visitors and customers

customer multiplication

Multiplied your existing customer base, increasing sales and reach.


15,000 customers

Inform more than 15,000 potential customers from the rapidly growing community about your offers

More website visitors

Receive masses of website visitors from potential new customers with a strong interest in your offers

More fans

Generate strong emotional customer loyalty in a playful way and thus increase the willingness to buy or book



Create a large number of influencers through automated processes who will recommend your offers

customer contacts

Use the data protection compliant collection of e-mail contacts of your prospects and turn them into fans and customers

free ads

Let online ads play out free of charge via Facebook, chat and other channels, even without booking an ad



Strengthen your brand with ticket and product raffles

emotional attachment

Achieve a very high emotional bond with your products


Get real customer testimonials that you can use for your product marketing

Discover the magic of the new Trancers Guide for festival organizers

On  1  it is possible to register from March 31, 2023 and earn many advantages for the festival season! Each player gets the current PDF edition of the Trancers Guide as a download at the beginning  2  and the prospect of free festival tickets as soon as enough PsyPoints have been earned in the Trancers Guide scavenger hunt.

Automatic recommendations for your festival

fellow players  3  get PsyPoints when they meet their friends  4  invite you to the Trancers Guide and festivals via recommendation links. This is done via a recommendation link, which is usually shared via Facebook or other media. With this method, your festival will go viral!

Get lots of new guests!

As a festival organizer you have the opportunity to spread the Trancers Guide community about your festival with magical emails  5  and about online marketing interactions for ticket purchases created individually for your festival  6  to move.

Get the contacts of your future guests even before they buy their ticket!

The Trancers Guide Online Marketing is even so magical that you even receive the e-mail addresses of your potential guests in a completely legally secure manner and your future guests really celebrate being informed by you about your festival. And best of all, if you reach your fans via email, you no longer need to invest your money in online ads.

All nonsense?

Are you wondering how this system can even work? Very easily! As the best players for their recommendations festival tickets  8  get on them but a few weeks  7  they like to tell their friends about it. After all, you don't like going to a festival alone. With this method, you not only attract individual visitors, but entire circles of friends! In a similar game we hosted (Hempedelic goodies) we have already built up more than 14,753 active players and 9444 influencers from over 28,886 registrations. The top referrer reached 2,420 successful invites! Imagine what it would mean for your festival if you get such powerful influencers for your festival who recruit many new festival-goers for you.

Up to 10x better reactions than with social media ads

In the table you can see the results of our customers' campaigns compared to social media ads
form of advertising reactions or
Click Through Rate
Social Media Ads
1,2% - 1,6%
our newsletters
(Evaluation: November 2022)
about 6%
our marketing system
(Evaluation: November 2022)
about 13%

numbers and facts

Since the end of 2020 we have with the HEMPEDELIC GOODIES started a successful marketing system for alternative target groups. We also use the technique of this system with the Trancers Guide in order to bring our customers excellent results. Here are some results so far.

1.5 million emails so far, who playfully build connections to products from our sponsors

269,765 website visitors

28,886 registrations from participants

14,753 active members/players

2.8 is the multiplication rate of the active players based on recommendations to friends, which can be integrated into the sponsors' mailing list. Our sponsors can therefore increase their active customer list by a factor of 2.8.

7.1 is the recommendation rate per active player, whose friends visit the sponsors page and deal with the products.

This results in about 4.26 million* organically served ads via the accounts of the active members.

In order to achieve the best business results for our customers, we continuously optimize the performance of our marketing systems.

Facts & figures of the ongoing healthygarden campaign

"It works - creating the campaign was super easy. We now have noticeably more traffic to our website and reach new contacts from the right target group."
...says Dominik Sperling (Managing Director of about the current campaign.

4 out of 5 visitors are new contacts

85%-95% of the participants of the campaigns stay on the side and explore an average of 5.5 - 7 pages on their first visit.

39% of the new contacts visited the page several times

15x better click rates than previously placed online advertising

24x better sales rate than online advertising

The sales rate is 10 times higher if the interested parties are recipients of the in-house newsletter

In order to bind visitors even more strongly to the online shop, we are therefore implementing a campaign together with healthygarden, with which those interested in the Hempedelic Goodies Community are transferred as customers in the existing healthygarden newsletter in accordance with DSGVO.

Would you like to be there?

Book an appointment and let's discuss how we can promote your festival, shop or product to get the best results for you.