Hempedelic goodies
Interactive marketing concepts for the hemp industry

Brilliant acquisition of new customers especially for the hemp industry

Optimize your sales process
Turn 15,000 Hempies into your fans and customers
Achieve up to 24x more sales and 28% conversion rate

How Hempedelic Marketing makes your product successful

Welcome to Hempedelic Marketing! We help you to win new customers for your Hemp/Grow product or shop in a playful way. Increase your sales, reach over 15,000 potential customers and create a strong emotional bond with your product.

Use our automated online marketing tricks and product marketing strategies to increase your reach and expand your customer base. With Hempedelic Marketing you get up to 20x better reactions than with conventional social media ads.

At the same time, we offer you the opportunity to contact your prospects in a manner that is secure under data protection law and turn them into loyal fans and customers. Even for products that are banned on conventional advertising platforms, we offer you a solution - without additional advertising costs!

With Hempedelic Marketing you can get real customer voices and use them for your product marketing, send product samples to prospective customers who are willing to buy and thus build a high emotional connection to your products.

With Hempedelic Marketing you are well on your way to increasing your sales and taking your brand to the next level. Try it now and experience the Hempedelic effect!

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conversion rates

A conversion rate shows how many people reached by an advertising campaign took a desired action. This infographic of a statistic from November 2022 shows how many people click on different advertising media.



instant sales

Generate instant sales through intelligent communication of offers

multiply customers

Multiplied your existing customer base and increased with it
your turnover

Higher CLV

More sales in the long run
by increase
of the customer lifetime value


15,000 prospects

Reach more than 15,000 potential customers from the Hempedelic community, which is growing fast every day

More website visitors

Receive masses of website visitors from potential new customers with a strong interest in new products

More fans

Generate new customers through
generating a strong
emotional product loyalty


Create influencers

Create a multitude of
Influencers who love your products
or recommend shop

Direct customer contacts

Use the data protection compliant collection of e-mail contacts of your prospects and turn them into fans and customers

"Forbidden Ads"

Let online ads also be displayed for products that are banned on the advertising portals - without additional advertising costs!


Product samples shipping

Send product samples free of charge to exactly the right prospects who are ready to buy

Automated customer conversations

Communicate the unique selling point (USP)
of your product to thousands of interested parties and keep it that way
very many automated sales pitches


Get real customer testimonials that you can use for your product marketing

Up to 20x better reactions than via social media

In the table you can see some of the results of our customers' campaigns compared to other marketing measures for acquiring new customers


form of advertising reactions or
Click Through Rate
print ads ∅ < 0,1%
Online banners ∅ < 0,1%
Social Media Ads
1,2% - 1,6%
Hempedelic Goodies DealMail
(Evaluation at the end of November 2022)
about 6%
Hempedelic Goodies Quiz
(Evaluation at the end of November 2022)
about 13%
Hempedelic Goodies Registration
(Evaluation at the end of November 2022)
Ø approx. 17%
max 28%

Facts & figures from the Hempedelic universe

1.5 million emails so far, who playfully build connections to products from our sponsors

269,765 website visitors (https://hempedelic.com/goodies)

89,247 Hempedelic User reach / year

28,886 registrations from participants

14,753 active members/players

2.8 is the multiplication rate of the active players based on recommendations to friends, which can be integrated into the sponsors' mailing list. Our sponsors can therefore increase their active customer list by a factor of 2.8.

7.1 is the recommendation rate per active player, whose friends visit the sponsors page and deal with the products.

This results in about 4.26 million* organically served ads (which are actually subject to the Facebook & Co block) via the accounts of active members.

In order to achieve the best business results for the sponsors of the Hempedelic Goodies, we continuously optimize the performance of the Hempedelic Goodies Marketing System. That is why we are in contact with our customers/sponsors.

Facts & figures of the ongoing healthygarden campaign

"It works - creating the campaign was super easy. We now have noticeably more traffic to our website and reach new contacts from the right target group."
...says Dominik Sperling (Managing Director of healthygaerden.de) about the current campaign.

4 out of 5 visitors are new contacts

85%-95% of the participants of the campaigns stay on the side and explore an average of 5.5 - 7 pages on their first visit.

39% of the new contacts visited the page several times

15x better click rates than previously placed online advertising

24x better sales rate than online advertising

The sales rate is 10 times higher if the interested parties are recipients of the in-house newsletter

In order to bind visitors even more strongly to the online shop, we are therefore implementing a campaign together with healthygarden, with which those interested in the Hempedelic Goodies Community are transferred as customers in the existing healthygarden newsletter in accordance with DSGVO.

The Hemp Preferences of the Hempedelic Community

Through a survey in the Goodie Game Community, we can determine exactly who is primarily interested in which hemp topics and control the campaigns accordingly.
food, cosmetics, etc


Valid for a full year

  Hempedelic Marketing
Hempedelic Marketing
Hempedelic Marketing

target group Reach more than 34,000 enthusiastic direct contacts
This is how many cannabis consumers come into contact with your product
> 15.000 > 15.000 > 34.000

Guaranteed website visits The Deal Mail is a targeted email campaign for Hemp/CBD/Grow shops that allows you to directly address 15,000 potential customers. It is ideal for shops that want to increase their visibility and attract more customers both online and locally. Eye-catching presentations and special incentives attract visitors to your website.
This is how many potential customers visit your website
site visitors
(for annual booking)
site visitors
site visitors
Hempedelic marketing measures Deal email:
Email campaign, reaches 15,000 potential customers, ideal for Hemp/CBD/Grow shops.
Easter eggs:
Email campaign, reaches 15,000 potential customers, ideal for Hemp/CBD/Grow shops.
Exclusive newsletters:
Specialized news and offers directly in your inbox, for insider information and special deals.
Goody quiz:
Weekly quiz with product questions that attracts interested parties and rewards them with product samples if they answer correctly.

Various marketing campaigns to achieve guaranteed website visits
Deal Mail (Germany-wide) Deal Mail (Germany-wide)
+ Easter eggs
+ Exclusive newsletters
+ Product promotion in goodie box
Deal Mail (Germany-wide)
+ Easter eggs
+ Exclusive newsletters
+ goodie quiz
+ Product promotion in goodie box and at events
Product promotion Product samples distribution in the goodie box:
Pack your product samples in the Hempedelic Goodie Box to send them directly to interested stoners, growers and hemp lovers. Perfect for product testing and customer loyalty.
Product samples distribution at hemp events:
We distribute your product samples at hemp events to get in direct contact with your target group.

Goodie box & trade fair distribution
NO up to 1000 product samples
in goodie box
15000 product samples:
1000 in goodie box
2000 on Hemp's Fair
6000 up mary jane
3000 up hemp parade
3000 up Cannafair

Hempedelic Dope Quest on Instagram
The Dope Quest on Instagram is a tailor-made campaign that not only entertains, but also connects you with your target group. In this creative campaign, your customers have the chance to win exclusive prizes by solving creative tasks. The main prize? A full Hempedelic Dope Box that not only highlights your products, but also builds a direct, emotional connection to your brand.

Your brand as part of this legendary game with 5000 followers
NO NO Presentation of 4 Dope Quest games Instagram including product presentation
Monthly billing * Monthly subscription. Notice period 3 months to the end of the current monthly insertion period. plus a one-off set-up fee equal to a monthly fee
* Mouse on yellow marker = more info
199 € * - -
Early bird deal Advance payment price
Offer until February 29, 2024
1490€ €2990 5990€
Spring deal Advance payment price
Offer until March 31, 2024
1790 € €3790 7790 €
Regular price Prepayment price, no subscription, so please decide in advance how the campaign should continue
€2388 €5000 13160 €

All prices are exclusive of VAT


Valid for a full year

  Regional marketing
Regional marketing
Regional marketing

Regional DEAL MAIL entry

50 km radius
around your shop

100 km radius
around your shop

200 km radius
around your shop

Visitor boost Clicking on your website will be rewarded with a goodie point. This psychological trick causes the number of clicks to skyrocket. In our evaluations, we observe that boosted website links have significantly more views. This means that interested parties stay on your website who otherwise probably wouldn't have clicked on it. Greet your website visitors with great offers and collect emails so you can continue to stay in touch with them. This is the most important trick we can give you for your marketing. If you need advice on this, call: 040-3984170.
Much more traffic for your website
Your logo in the DEAL MAIL entry We will add your logo so that your shop entry is conspicuous in the Deal Mail and attracts more attention.
More attention for your shop
Monthly billing * Monthly subscription. Notice period: at any time at the end of the current monthly switching period. plus a one-time setup fee amounting to a monthly fee
* Mouse on yellow marker = more info
49 € * €69 * 99 € *
Billing in the annual contract Prepayment price, no subscription, so please decide in advance how the campaign should continue
* Mouse on yellow marker = more info
€490 €690 €990

All prices are exclusive of VAT

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