Lead generation via automated recommendation

Gain new customers, prospects and fans through your own website
You do not need any further advertising measures.
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In the customer acquisition process, it is important to reach as many exactly matching prospects as possible
to gain many leads from it, which can then become customers. But the problem is that these marketing measures burn more and more budget because online advertising is becoming more and more expensive. You put more and more money into advertising portals and at the same time you become more and more dependent on them.

There is now a solution for exactly that!

Do you also know these problems?

It hurts when you think that every single click on your online ad costs money again and again?
Have you already internally said goodbye to online advertising because it is getting more and more expensive anyway or because of the ever stricter privacy laws you can no longer reach the right people?
You offer a newsletter (even with Freebee) on your website, but only a few interested parties sign up for it?
You already have an email list, but your subscribers are not responding satisfactorily to the newsletters?
You have a product that you are not allowed to promote on Facebook or Google, otherwise your account would be blocked (or you are already blocked) 

What happened if...

...you automatically generate many new customer contacts every day without spending a single cent on online ads
...your e-mail subscribers eagerly awaiting your next newsletter to react to the news, visit your website and buy your products?
...you recognize the wishes of your target group, so that selling becomes much easier (and your conversion increases)
...you turn your prospects into fans and missionaries of your products before they are even customers
...you could even sell advertising to business partners in your own advertising campaign, through which you can even generate new leads for your business
...you can easily get your email recipients to read each of your newsletters with enthusiasm and follow your calls to action

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