Click tip email marketing

Click tip email marketing

Our email marketing campaigns are implemented with ClickTip, a leading email marketing automation solution on the market.
Here are a few of the 176 ClickTip Features. Click to see descriptions.
Personalize emails with data collected from your contacts. Tailor messages to each recipient individually with dynamic content.
Send emails as soon as a certain condition occurs. Always reach your target groups at the perfect time.
KlickTipp assigns contacts a SmartTag when they receive an email, open it or click on a link. Use SmartTags to select target groups or to initiate automated processes.
Add urgency to emails and watch your conversion rates increase. Dynamic expiration dates give each recipient their own deadline.
Never miss a birthday. Send customers an email on their special day with congratulations and special offers that you set up in advance.
Segment contacts with tags to send the right message to the right person at the right time. Avoid irrelevant emails, such as offering your customers products they have already purchased.
Increase your sales with the same number of recipients. KlickTipp tests several email variants with a small portion of your recipients and sends the most successful version to the rest. This way, you can improve the performance of your campaigns during the sending process - and not just afterwards.
Send emails as soon as a certain condition occurs. Always reach your target groups at the perfect time.
In recent years, the global volume of junk email has steadily increased. To protect users, spam filters are becoming increasingly strict. This makes it harder for senders to reach their subscribers' inboxes.
With KlickTipp, you don't have to worry. We make sure that your emails are delivered so that you can fully exploit the potential of your reach.
Studies show that users have an average of 2.5 email addresses. This means that many of your readers will receive the same email multiple times. This leads to an increase in spam complaints, unnecessary unsubscribes, disappointing sender scores and a reduced reach of your emails. Avoid this mistake to gain a competitive advantage.
KlickTipp's artificial intelligence finds the email addresses that belong to the same people for you. Combine redundant data into highly enriched data sets with just a few clicks. Protect your brand by ensuring that no one receives the same message more than once. Benefit from meaningful statistics, fewer support requests and happier customers - all this and more with fewer emails.
No other marketing channel triggers as much engagement as SMS, with an average open rate of 82 percent.
For many people, their smartphone is the first thing they pick up in the morning and the last thing they look at before going to sleep. It has become an indispensable part of our everyday lives.
Use KlickTipp's SMS marketing features to embed your brand in your contacts' everyday routines. Build deeper connections by becoming part of their daily lives.
Generate interest in your offer and inspire users to share their data with you.
Qualify new leads with automated tools. Focus your attention on people who are most likely to close.
Well-organized contact information is more than a convenience. They are the basis of success in marketing.
Use automated processes to optimize your contact data. Gain important insights into your contacts' activities. KlickTipp offers you intelligent tools to help you achieve the greatest possible impact.
Grow your business 24/7. Create automated set-it-and-forget-it systems with simple drag-and-drop.
Multiply your impact. Accomplish what is impossible with human hands alone. Build a hyper-profitable company that functions without you.
The top companies don't leave their online success to chance. They use scientific methods to determine the best messages, designs and offers. KlickTipps' groundbreaking tools help you do just that, too.
Gain new insights and increase your conversion rates along your customer experience journey. Impress your users with effective websites that are fun to use. Accelerate your business growth in a tangible way.
Make your favorite apps even more powerful. KlickTipp offers a wealth of integrations with
• Member areas
• Form builders
• Landing page platforms
• Shop systems
• Payment providers
• Appointment software
• Webinar tools
• Recruiting software
• Messenger services
and much more.
Create as many sub-accounts as you want at no additional cost. Give users only the rights they need.
KlickTipp offers the following roles:
Administrator – he has full access;
Copywriter – he can create emails but cannot send them;
Email marketing manager – he can create and send emails;
Customer Support – he can search and edit contacts;
Website Builder – it has access to registration forms, tags and other configurations;
API user – he only has access to the KlickTipp REST API.
The GDPR offers great opportunities - especially for companies that want to build digital visibility for their offerings. Gain significant competitive advantages over competitors who do not see these opportunities. Market products and services confidently without barriers and without the financial risk of being warned for violating the GDPR. With us as your strategic partner, you can fully benefit from the gigantic opportunities offered by automated and scalable digital communication.
KlickTipp's GDPR tools eliminate bureaucracy. They give you security and valuable time for the things that are important to you. Focus your energy again on making your dreams come true. Unleash your full potential. Live your entrepreneurial freedom.
KlickTipp is intuitive and easy to use. If you still have questions, we at deichweb and the Klicktipp team will support you quickly and professionally with all questions about the automation software. This will help you achieve your goals much faster.
The deichweb founder Matthias van den Nieuwendijk was awarded as a Certified Consultant by KlickTipp. This means that the email marketing campaigns set up for you are of a particularly high quality.
Email is the world's most reliable digital marketing tool.

These days, your recipients' data is the only thing that makes you independent of Google, Facebook, etc. Furthermore, studies show that the returns from email marketing are on average 4,224 percent. In other words: every euro you invest will bring you back 42.24 euros.

Email marketing also offers you:
An unrivalled reach with more than 4 billion users worldwide, the most cost-effective tools to reach your contacts at any time at the touch of a button, and automated tools to personally address them and optimize your conversion rates.

KlickTipp combines these and many other advantages. Lead your company to success – with the industry-leading suite of email marketing tools.

Case studies

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How can fascia therapist Dirk Beckmann help 200 % more people today through automation and at the same time regain his evenings and weekends?

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  • An unknown method that allows you to automatically answer your customers' frequently asked questions, reducing initial conversations by up to 40 %
  • How Dirk Becht drastically reduces the cancellation rate of his consultation appointments through automatic SMS reminders

How do small, owner-operated fitness studios continually attract new members and compete with large gym chains?

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  • How to automate your internal processes so that you and your employees have more time for personal advice

The seminar that changes your business

Online seminar for online marketing beginners

Relaxed and casual, you can achieve enthusiastic customers, unexpected profits and more joy in life with KlickTipp as a business booster. This webinar by KlickTipp founder Mario Wolosz is a game changer for your marketing.

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“It would be worse to lose KlickTipp, than losing Facebook.”

Facebook marketing millionaire Dawid Przybylski is highly profitable despite affiliate Armageddon caused by iOS 14+, cookie bans and skyrocketing click prices?

At the last Seoday, 1,000 of 1,300 tickets came through KlickTipp."

How can experts like Fabian Rossbacher increase their conversion rate from 1 to 25 percent?

“Only with KlickTipp we achieve purchase rates between 5 and 40 %.”

How do experts, trainers and coaches like Matthias Eilers achieve millions in sales even in extremely competitive markets?

Training with Matthias Deichweb

Learn how to get the most out of Klicktipp

The deichweb founder Matthias van den Nieuwendijk leads a Klicktipp training for advanced users once a month under the motto "Klicktipp Tips & Tricks". Here he shows what is possible with Klicktipp and reveals many tips and tricks that cannot be found in the manual.
The next workshop dates can be found in Click tip training monthly program.

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