Prices for maintenance and marketing for WordPress websites in a monthly subscription

Your website – runs and makes sales
Your website should just work and make sales, but you understandably don't want to take care of the annoying maintenance?
  • updates
  • Security against hack attacks
  • backups
  • adjustments
Also, are you wondering what you need to do to get more orders with your website and simply win new customers?
  • How often is the website visited?
  • What kind of visitors come to the website?
  • how are you found
  • How can you optimize the website so that you make more sales?
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And the most important thing: That we don't just talk about marketing, but that the website is also technically optimized in such a way that you achieve your economic goals.

At deichweb we specialize in Wordpress websites and online marketing and bring these two important disciplines together in a subscription model so you can take care of your customers while your website works for you.

Our service packages

We take care of the creation, maintenance, security, optimization and marketing of your Wordpress website so that you can focus on your core business. 
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The services in this "Maintenance Basic" package are important for the secure operation of your Wordpress website.

Weekly updates, website checks and daily backups

With weekly updates and website checks, as well as a daily backup, we can ensure that your website runs smoothly and can be restored quickly in the event of a problem.

security package

Daily security scans are carried out to protect your website and to identify potential threats at an early stage. Plugin security issues are proactively addressed. Up to one hour of maintenance work per month is included for monitoring your website.

Personal support

You will receive a monthly report and personal support, so we guarantee that all questions and concerns will be dealt with quickly and professionally.

Always up to date

With our installation services, such as the Deichweb maintenance system, the backup system, the security system to prevent hackers, the SEO basic system, the cache system (basic), the website monitoring as well as Google Analytics and Google Search Console, we guarantee that your website is built on a solid foundation and works optimally right from the start.
Do you want maximum security for your website and don't have any adjustments in between or just posts that should be put online? Sit back and let's just do it.

In addition to the "Maintenance Basic" we offer additional services and make sure that your website is in top shape!

24 hour surveillance

With our monitoring service, we monitor your website 24/7 to ensure that it is always accessible.

Speed through caching

We look for dead links and make sure that your website loads super fast with the help of caching technologies. Caching improves site speed by allowing Wordpress to cache certain elements of the site (such as HTML, CSS, and JavaScript files) for faster retrieval. When a visitor accesses the website, the cached items are loaded instead of the original files, reducing website loading time and improving the user experience. The product works by using special caching technologies like browser caching, page caching, database caching, object caching, etc.

Website test after update

Wordpress websites consist of many scripts developed by independent programmers. This can lead to incompatibilities between plugins. In the "Maintenance Pro" package, we check up to 10 particularly important pages after the update to see whether they look perfect after the 100% update.

weekly visitor analysis

You will receive a weekly visitor analysis and gain valuable insights into the behavior of your customers.

1 hour administration / adjustments included

We offer this service to ensure that you are happy with your website. One hour of website administration is included in this package. This can be editing and putting posts online, changing plugin settings or even setting up new features. We provide you with a Google Analytics report in PDF format so that you can keep an eye on your website performance.

emergency service

We're here for your website 24/7 so you don't have to worry if anything happens. You will receive an emergency number for very urgent cases.
Your website is an important part of your business and has the task of making sales? With "Maintenance Business" you get maximum security, adjustments are included and you also get a view through the crystal ball of your website visitors. With these insights, we optimize your website more and more every month so that you get more customers and make more sales.

This package includes all services from the "Maintenance Pro" package plus...

Website analysis

In the weekly website analysis report you will find out, for example
  • Where are your website visitors coming from?
  • How often have your pages been viewed?
  • From which pages did the visitors come to your site?
  • How and why do visitors leave your site?
  • How do visitors move through the website?
  • Do the website visitors reach your defined goals?

SEO analysis

In the monthly SEO Analysis Report you get current statistics and find out what needs to be done to be found better on Google. You will also receive suggestions on which keywords can rank higher, which we discuss in the monthly sales meeting.

Visitor analytics

Get detailed insights into your visitors' website usage in order to draw conclusions about conversion optimization. Recognize returnees to derive buying interest.

heat map

A website heatmap is a visual tool that shows website visitor activity. It does this by showing the areas of a website that get the most clicks in a warm hue, while showing areas with fewer clicks in a cold hue. The main goal of a website heatmap is to understand how users interact with the website. The findings of a heat map make it possible to optimize the website for better conversion of visitors so that they become customers more quickly.

session recordings

With session recordings, you can see all the real visitor's activities during the visit, e.g. B. Clicks, mouse movements, scrolling, window resizing, page breaks and form interactions. You can then replay those interactions to see exactly how a visitor is interacting with your site. This way you can understand their expectations, their problems, their usage behavior and much more. Based on these evaluations, your website can be optimized for better sales.

3 hours of administration / adjustments included

You can use up to 3 hours per month to make changes on your website. We offer you a 1-hour meeting for briefings or recommendations for action to guarantee that you can get the most out of your website to generate sales.

Top service → sales meeting

It is important for your business that you get orders. It is not enough to just operate the business website as a business card. Therefore, define your business goals and, based on the analyzes collected, receive recommendations for action in the monthly sales meeting on how you can achieve these goals with the help of your website.
Possible solutions are e.g
  • Adaptation of the online sales process
  • Optimization of the website layout for better conversion
  • Optimizing your online ad campaign
  • Optimizing your social media activities
  • OnPage SEO Measures

emergency number

We offer you a 7-day emergency number that is available from 09:00 to 22:00 if you need quick help.
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Then please book an appointment and we will talk about your future successful website.

Power, security and sales for your website

If the contract is concluded by June 30, 2023, these special prices remain fixed
for security
weekly updates
weekly website checks
daily site backup
monthly report
personal support

Security Services:
Daily security scans
Proactive handling of security issues (e.g. in plugins)
Up to 1 hour included for defending against security problems

Facility services:
dykeweb maintenance system
back-up system
Anti-hacker security system
SEO basic system
Cache System (Basic)
site monitoring
Google Analytics
Google Search Console
Setup: €199 149 / Month
including updates

Additional services:
Monitoring of website availability
(24 hour surveillance)
Dead link monitoring
Increased speed through the use of caching technology
Weekly visitor analysis

Administration work:
1 hour administration / month
(e.g. for changes on the website)

additional facility:
Google Analytics Report (PDF)
Cache System (Pro)
site monitoring 
Setup: €299 199 / Month
for more sales

Additional services:
Monthly SEO analysis
Advanced error detection
Access to session recordings, heatmaps and advanced visitor analytics
7-day emergency number (9 a.m. - 10 p.m.)

Administration work:
3 hours administration / month
(e.g. for changes on the website)

1 hour meeting for briefings or recommendations for action for more sales via the website

additional facility:
Website audit with technical improvement opportunities 
Heat map/recording software
SEO analysis software
Setup: €399 399 / Month

Our service prices

If the contract is concluded by June 30, 2023, these prices will remain fixed
site projects
Favorable fixed prices
Make an appointment for a strategy talk in which you will receive a free concept for your new website with built-in marketing and customer acquisition concept
Regular: €120 80 / Hour
Hourly bookings
Make it work!
Adding new features to your Wordpress website
Integration of plugins
web design
content creation
bug fixes
Everything that matters
The maintenance packages already include up to 3 hours per month
Regular: €150 120 / Hour
First aid service
When in a hurry
Help with technical problems
Help with hacker attacks
help on the weekend
Help with problems with the site that cannot be solved without a specialist.
Click here for "First Aid"
Regular: €200 150 / Hour
All conditions are plus 19% VAT

Conditions for the power maintenance packages

These special conditions are valid until June 30, 2023.
The packages are each valid for one WordPress website.
A one-time set-up fee is charged at the start of maintenance.
It can be canceled monthly before the end of the monthly period.
We charge 120€/hour for individual work not listed in these packages.
For larger projects, we make individual offers with particularly attractive fixed prices.

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