New customers for Hemp/CBD/Grow shops:
Local, regional and national

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Support for Hemp/Grow Shops

Interest in hemp & CBD products has never been as great as it is today. It seems that everyone wants to try these products but not many know how to find the right product or which one is best for them. We live in the age of technology and there is no shortage of information, but unfortunately there is also a lot of misinformation. That makes it even more difficult to find the right information that can help these people make the right decision.

With an entry in the DEAL MAIL you have the opportunity to reach around 15,000 potential customers directly in the private e-mail inbox and to point out your current offers and coupons, to present yourself as an expert.

The unique thing about DEAL MAIL:
Each recipient receives the offers sorted according to the distance from the shop. For local shops, this means a very exclusive top positioning, as they are always at the top of the mail for their local target group and thus have the best advertising effect!
To give you an insight into where the 15,000 community members come from, simply click on the button and log in to the Hempedelic community. The members automatically receive the DEAL MAIL. So...

Your DEAL MAIL benefits

15,000 customers

DEAL MAIL regularly reaches 15,000 Hempedelic Community members. New members are added daily.

your target group

All recipients of the newsletter are interested in products and offers from the field of hemp / smoke / CBD / grow

More sales immediately

The goodie coupons are offered with a limited expiration date, so that must be purchased quickly.


You can get effective shop promotions with an entry in the DEAL MAIL from as little as €29/month.

Advertising despite the ban

Online direct advertising, even if your products are otherwise blocked for advertising on Google or Facebook, for example.

Measurable results

You can measure the success of your DEAL MAIL campaign via a Google Analytics connection with UTM parameters

Guaranteed delivery

A social media post often goes unnoticed. The DEAL MAIL ends up directly in the personal e-mail inbox of the recipient.

Constant delivery

Each recipient receives the DEAL MAIL at an individual appointment. Therefore, a campaign can start at any time.

Offer Reminder

The recipients receive the DEAL MAIL a second time if they have not interacted with the content

Extra advantages for online shops and products

National Advertising

Your offer will be shown to all members of the Hempedelic Goodies Community, even if no zip code has been specified.

Premium entry

Your DEAL MAIL entry will be highlighted with a logo

site visitors

A click on your website will be rewarded with 1 Goodie Point. With this motivation you will get many website visitors.

Extra benefits for local/regional shops

Regional advertising

Your offer will be shown to members of the Hempedelic Goodies Community who live in the vicinity of your shop.

Top placement

Your offer will be displayed based on distance, ie your entry will appear at the top for local customers.

Information for customers

A telephone button in DEAL MAIL enables direct contact. Google Maps helps to find the shop.

The EXCLUSIVE DEAL for local/regional shops

New customer acquisition - competition protection - premium entry - more...

With this premium offer, you not only get your shop offers highlighted and presented in a particularly valuable way in the DEAL MAIL, but also the opportunity to automatically win new customers for your shop - including customer protection from your regional competitors. The exclusive deal is available for ranges of 100 km and 200 km.

Automatic customers

Through recommendations from your customers within the goodie game, their friends register on your GOODIE PAGE

social media advertising

By sharing your shop goodie page with your customers, you can achieve a very high social media reach.

competition protection

Your exclusive customers will only see your local shop in the DEAL MAIL. Other shops are hidden.

store presentation

You get your own shop page on with Google Maps connection, picture gallery more...

Premium entry

Your shop entry will be highlighted in color for your exclusive customers and displayed with your logo

site visitors

A click on your website will be rewarded with 1 Goodie Point. With this motivation you will get many website visitors.

QR registration

QR code as a notice for your shop that links to your shop goodie page for quick exclusive customer registration 

QR business cards

We print business cards with the QR code for your goodie page at cost price. This is how you reach more exclusive customers

Success Analysis

You will receive monthly statistics on how many website visitors you have reached via DEAL MAIL.

This is how the most important exclusive features work

Automatic customer acquisition with competition protection

Your own shop page on goes far beyond a shop presentation.
Your customers can register on this SHOP GOODIE PAGE to win the popular Goodie Box and at the same time become your exclusive customers and receive your offers in the DEAL MAIL. 
Everyone who registers for the Goodie Box via your SHOP GOODIE PAGE will be assigned exclusively to your shop during the placement period. Your exclusive customers will then no longer receive any offers from other regional shops within the DEAL MAIL that advertise in the area you have booked.

Multiplication of customers and free advertising on social media

Your shop goodie page is actively recommended by your customers, as players receive goodie points with each recommendation to earn the goodie box. This recommendation mechanic is the main reason why so many people sign up for Hempedelic Goodies. Since recommendations are mostly made via Facebook, you get free advertising on social media, although this is actually not possible/allowed for shops with a hemp context. On average, each customer recommends 2 friends. Imagine the impact this point alone has on your marketing.
Here is a shop goodie page example:
But beware: If you register via this page, you would automatically be an exclusive customer of Udopea Hamburg

Explore the scope of your shop entry

Check the desired radius on Google Maps in which your shop entry should be delivered in the Goodie Coupon Mail.
Enter your location, select the promotion km radius and then press the [Search] button
The conditions for your shop entry in the Goodie Coupon Mail are calculated according to range. If you want to reach potential customers for your local shop, this is possible from as little as €29/month.

Generate a test goodie coupon mail

Enter your shop's zip code here. We currently support all postcode areas within Germany
Enter here which radius of action you would like to explore. The Test Goodie Coupon Mail will display your shop entry in the mail if the zip code for the Test Coupon Mail is within your shop's zip code + radius.
A test mail is generated for this postal code in Germany. Imagine you live here. Then your Goodie Coupon Mail would look like this today. The closer this zip code is to your shop, the better the position of your shop in this Goodie Coupon Mail. Your "Goodie Shop entry" also depends on the booked range (10-200 km radius or throughout Germany)

Ideas for your shop entry in the Goodie Coupon Mail

shop promotion
more classic
coupon code
We're cleaning up our bong department. That's why you have until to snag bongs at bargain prices. Our regular discount is 10% - Just show this DEAL MAIL on your smartphone and you will get 30%. How cool is that?
Blubber Highway 420, 12345 Testenhausen, 05050-420420420
From until the grow expert Harald Groweil is our guest and gives you personal tips for your broccoli cultivation. During this time we lowered all products from HANNA and RESI by 30%. Come around, let us give you the tips so that your harvest is really productive.
Ludwiggasse 1, 876554 Söderstetten
CHARLY BONG With the coupon code "kaufbeicharly" you get fat 30% on everything except pet food, cigarettes and gummy bears until


Present your offers and generate immediate sales
(Especially suitable for local/regional shops!)

Click here for extensive information about DEAL MAIL
Example of a DEAL MAIL for the zip code area 22767

10 km
50 km
100 km
200 km
throughout Germany throughout Germany EN EN
advertising circle diameter 20 km 100 km 200 km 400 km EN
Range Radius: 10 km Radius: 50 km Radius: 100 km Radius: 200 km throughout Germany
Monthly billing €29 €49 €69 €99 €199
Billing in the annual contract €290 €490 €690 €990 €1990
EXCLUSIVE DEAL = Position yourself as the most important shop
If the recipient subscribes via your goodie page, they will not see any other local shops apart from yours
Goodie Page for shop/product presentation and automatic customer acquisition - - YES YES YES
Protection from competitors = hiding regional competitors for "exclusive customers" - - YES YES NO
Top position at the beginning of the DEAL MAIL - - YES YES NO
Colored background of the DEAL MAIL entry - - YES YES NO
Logo image in the DEAL MAIL entry - - YES YES YES
Website visits are rewarded with Goodie Points - - YES YES YES
Success Analysis - - YES YES YES
QR code for your goodie page - - YES YES NO
Billing in the annual contract - - €2390 €2990 €3990
OFFER UNTIL 01/31/2023
Billing in the annual contract - - 1790 € * 2290 € * 2990 € *
BONUS - - - - One-time exclusive email to all Goodie Gamers (value: 1990€)

If one of the exclusive features is not clear to you, please read the explanation here on the page again or contact our support at +49(0)40 398417-0.

Once a month, participants in the GOODIE GAME receive a personalized email with coupons and offers that are particularly relevant to them. The Radius 10km to Radius 200km packages refer to the distance from the GOODIE GAME participant to the shop. The "Germany-wide" package, on the other hand, will be delivered to all participants in the GOODIE GAME, even if they have not given their zip code.

With an annual contract from 100km radius you get yours Goodie Page worth 980€/year. This is the Hempedelic Goodie Game signup page presented by your shop to help you grow your customer base virally.

For monthly payments, the minimum term is 3 months.
Cancellation is possible up to 14 days before the end of the contract (month or year).
The DEAL MAIL entry is created after receipt of payment
All prices are exclusive of VAT

Would you like to make your shop or product visible locally or throughout Germany?

I'll show you how you can have maximum success with your DEAL MAIL entry