Reach trade fair visitors with product samples, flyers and at the same time permanently by e-mail

Trade fair product promotion distribution with integrated innovative e-mail marketing

The Hempedelic Goodie Bag has been an elementary part of the German-speaking hemp fairs since 2013 and is therefore the market leader for trade fair product distributions. The popular bag contains many great things up to size A5 that fit flat into the small goodie bag:
Small product samples (e.g. papers, filters, tips...)
Small merchandising products (e.g. lighters, grinders...)
Stickers, mini posters, calendars, coupons, flyers...
The goodie bag concept has been expanded for the 2023 season. For the first time, you can email all goodie bag recipients to communicate your brand message to the people who received your product samples.

Effective promotion

Product samples are extremely effective advertising media for intensive customer contact

NEW: We will conjure up more than 1,001 product-curious visitors to your website

Each recipient of the goodie bag will receive an e-mail with further information about the product after the trade fair. This results in at least 12,000 email recipients and more than 1,001 website visits

Exactly the right target group

Since a hemp fair is only attended by people interested in hemp, you have no wastage with a goodie bag distribution.

Visitors love the goodie bag

For many trade fair visitors, the Hempedelic Goodie Bag is already a matter of course

Market leader for 10 years

The Goodie Bag has been the market leader for promotional distribution at German hemp fairs since 2013 

Attractive overall package

A goodie bag with multiple contents is much more attractive than a single flyer.

NEW FROM 2023:

Receive e-mail contact with trade fair visitors and inform them about your products

Imagine your product being distributed at trade shows and you have the ability to email and stay in touch with every single recipient. Reach trade fair visitors by email and...

  • ...send offers to trigger shop purchases
  • ...collect the e-mail addresses of the trade fair visitors for your newsletter
  • ...ask how the product sample was liked and thus generate many testimonials for the website
  • ...inform about your products
  • ... integrate these hot prospects into your online marketing and turn them into fans and customers!
This is how e-mail contact works and these possibilities arise from it
  • Trade fair visitors register as members of the Hempedelic Community at the stand. We already have 15,000 members and continue to grow every day.
  • Registered members of the Hempedelic Community will receive a GOODIE BAG directly at the fair and have the opportunity to earn a GOODIE BOX with many more product samples
  • After the fair, all registered fair visitors will receive an email with information about the products contained in the goodie bag
  • Now you can turn these trade fair visitors into fans and customers.
Click through some goodie bags from the last few years

Hempedelic goodie bag distributions 2023

Every goodie bag recipient will receive an email after the fair with all the sponsors of the goodie bag similar to the popular one DEAL MAIL, which we send to members of the Hempedelic community.
Each sponsor entry contains a product description, a link to the website and a coupon code for direct purchases in the shop

Hemps Fair, Frankfurt (April 28-30)

Distribution: 3,000 goodie bags
Each recipient contains an email with product information
Deadline for deposits: April 14, 2023

Mary Jane, Berlin (June 23-25)

Distribution: 6,000 goodie bags
Each recipient contains an email with product information
Deadline for deposits: July 9, 2023

Cannafair, Dusseldorf (25-27 August)

Distribution: 3,000 goodie bags
Each recipient contains an email with product information
Deadline for deposits: August 11, 2023


Product samples, flyers and stickers to trade fair guests

The Hempedelic Goodioe Bag is the popular promotional bag with small product samples that the Hempedelic team has been distributing at hemp fairs since 2010.

Goodie Bag Next Level!

From 2023, the popular bags will no longer be distributed directly at the entrance area, but at the Hempedelic exhibition stand. This is also where you register for the goodie game, in order to reach the trade fair guests and their circle of friends for further promotion even after the trade fair.

Visitors also have the option of a mini goodie box to win, which contains even more product samples (eg the popular Piecemaker bong). The product samples in the goodie box are provided by the sponsors of the goodie game made available.

Click here for extensive information about the Goodie Bag

Industrial fair Hemp's Fair mary jane cannafair All events
location Frankfurt Berlin Dusseldorf
date 28-30 April 2023 23-25 June 2023 25-27 Aug 2023
Number of goodie bags distributed 3000 6000 3000 12000
Trade fair marketing Personal delivery of the goodie bag to each recipient
online marketing Personal trade fair promotion e-mail to each recipient of the goodie bag with the option of integrating coupon codes.
email similar to DEAL MAIL
Prices for total booking 1200 € 2400 € 1200 € 4000 €
instead of 4800 €
special deal Early Bird offer until February 28th, 2023
Prices for total booking 1000 € 2000 € 1000 € 3600 €
instead of 4800 €
special deal Early Bird offer until 01/31/2023
Prices for total booking 900 € 1800 € 900 € 3100 €
instead of 4800 €

All prices are exclusive of VAT
Delivery of product samples/flyers to:
FORMAT Promotion GmbH, Holstenstrasse 103, 22767 Hamburg
For forwarding deliveries, please make prior telephone notifications to 040-398417-0

Goodie Bag Distribution 2013 - 2022

Here you can see some impressions of previous Goodie Bag distributions.
The distribution in 2023 will take place at the trade fair stand with registration, so that the trade fair guests can receive your product information and more by e-mail after the trade fair.
This video from the Hanfparade 2019 shows the extreme interest in the Hempedelic goodie bags
The distribution concept will be optimized from the 2023 trade fair season.
The distribution takes place at the booth after registering for the goodie game. After the trade fair, every registered recipient will receive an e-mail with interactive information about the products in the goodie bag

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