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Actively integrate the Hempedelic Easter Egg into your online shop and receive free traffic to your site.
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Your EASTER EGG advantages

Make your website an interactive experience with the Hempedelic Easter Egg - a unique tool that combines visitor retention and fun. This small, animated icon is based on the Hempedelic logo and is waiting to be discovered and clicked by your website visitors.
Whenever the Easter egg on your site is clicked, we recommend your website to our 15,000 members and send traffic back to your website.

More traffic

The inclusion of the Easter Egg promotes curiosity and leads to increased visitor numbers and increased customer interest.

For free

The integration of the Easter Egg and the associated advantages are completely free for you as a website operator

your target group

Use the Easter egg to bind your target group with coupons and other reasons to spend more time in your online shop

Playful interaction

By clicking on the Easter Egg, visitors are actively involved, which leads to higher user loyalty.

Easy integration

The Easter Egg can be easily integrated into any website without much technical effort.

Automatic promotion

If you actively integrate the Easter egg on your website, Hempedelic will automatically recommend you to 15,000 “Hempies”

What is an "Easter Egg"?

An 'Easter Egg' on a website - it's like a secret treasure chest in the digital world. It's hidden, sometimes funny, sometimes totally crazy and just waiting to be discovered by website visitors. These Easter eggs make website visitors smile or be amazed and make surfing a real adventure.

Some examples of Easter eggs on websites can be:

Secret messages or images that appear when you click on a specific area of the page or hover over a specific element.

Special key combinations that activate a fun animation or hidden game.

Easter eggs are a fun way to make interaction on a website more interesting and can also serve to increase user retention and engagement.

The Hempedelic Easter Egg is to be found.

The website visitor receives a list of currently active Easter eggs that should be found in the Hempedelic Goodie Game dashboard. For example, direct the website visitor to specific products in your online shop.

We are very excited to see which games we can organize with the Easter Eggs.

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