Your product samples free of charge to potential customers
The Hempedelic Goodie Box will be sent free of charge to participants in the Hempedelic Goodie Game who have earned enough points. Many sponsors support the goodie box and contribute products.

The recipients of the goodie box are carefully selected in advance via the goodie game, because only interested participants will receive a free goodie box. This ensures that the samples end up with exactly the right testers and potential future customers.

Through a highly developed online marketing automation, you have the option of reaching the recipient of the goodie box by insert, email or video at the same time as the goodie box is being sent. For example, you could explain the product, get customer feedback, offer coupons, and more. Feel free to contact us if you would like to advertise your product via intelligent online marketing automation.

All Hempedelic Business customers now have the opportunity to have product samples included in the goodie box free of charge, thereby making the brand particularly valuable to stoners, growers and other hemp lovers.
Reviews from Goodie Game players who received their Goodie Box.
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  • "I'm very excited about my goodie box and of course I'd like to say thank you for this great campaign. I'm really looking forward to the next round. There were a lot of cool things in it that you can definitely use 👍"
    Goaelfe, Duisburg
  • "The box was super cool. The indestructible bong was a hit. The Grow products will be used in the summer. Super cool campaign and it was fun to take part in the campaign."
    Raphael, Hueckelshoven
  • "I was very happy about the box. I was super happy about the pink Peace Maker, the rest of the things will also all be used. Really great box and can only be recommended."
    Yvonne, Nordkirchen
  • "I was really pleasantly surprised by the box, especially by the cute bong that also glows in the dark. A lot of information and a nice calendar for growing. Everything was great so far. I was really happy 🙂"
    Johnny, North Rhine-Westphalia

Opinions on the goodie box

This is what the Hempedelic Community says about the Goodie Box

Bee from Dusseldorf

Awesome box with awesome content. I'm enthusiastic about the goodies, I'm particularly interested in the thicker booklet. The trouser pocket sun is the big hit, what did we laugh about. Have fun playing, quizzing, winning and unpacking.

Hempedelic Goodie Box von Bienchen

Alexander from Edingen-Neckarhausen

Super box... many things that are good to use.

Fred near Fulda

Just find the composition of the content super. For example, once had the pleasure of trying out charcoal filters :) And what can I say: I immediately ordered some. I've been using the papers and tips for years. They're just world class. In a nutshell: "World class goodie box" grade A++++ Thank you very much. I'm looking forward to more from you 😉 In this sense .... stay high

Frank Mohnhaupt from Stuttgart

Terrific. Great products, some of which I didn't know about and I've been buying again and again since then. E.g. the activated carbon filter. So I was really excited about the box.

Christian from Nordhausen

Very good smoke and information article

Binesina from Lauchhammer

I was really surprised how much was in the goodie box. Absolutely great! Great thing... I'm really looking forward to testing it. I'm curious if my plants will grow and thrive. 😉

Chris from Vogelsberg

I absolutely loved the box, there was a lot more inside than expected. I can only recommend the game to everyone, it's worth it and (not like many others) you get something in the end. THANKS!!!

Hempedelic Goodie Box von Chris


The tips with integrated seeds were really great. It's just a shame there were so few of them. The bong has a nice design and is also easy to use.

Silvi from Lahnau

I love having played the game to snag a box. The quiz questions were actually very easy, you just have to be able to read 😜 and the contents of the box are awesome.

Ober91 from Biesenthal

The box is great and arrives too. I had a small bong, crusher, fertilizer and so on in there. So, it's worth participating


Great box - gladly again! I loved the bong and rolling papers the best!


Hey, I received the goodie box after diligently earning my points. 🙂 Really nice in the box: the bong - and it was pink too. Absolutely awesome! 🙂 All the information booklets for everyone who grows, also very interesting. The mixing bowl is absolutely beautiful and there is enough space on it and a new grinder was also included. 🙂 Thanks for the awesome box!

Jandarkine from Buchholz in the North Heath

Wow, you guys are weedtastic again. 😍 The content of the box was so much better this time than the first box I took with me. The reason for this is the glass pipe/glass joint. 🥳 Hey guys, what were you thinking? Really, I freaked out. There will be no shortage of papers and tips for the time being. Jo, that was my boxing enthusiasm description. 🤣😁 I'm already in the mood for the next one. 🥳🤠

Hempedelic Goodie Box von Jandarkine

Fence panel from Walsrode

Good morning. Class the box. Everything you could need is there. Am thrilled. Top action.

Nico from Lohfelden

I am absolutely delighted with the box. So many things, I never, ever expected it. Just how many papers are there, just amazing. Compliments to you, you are doing great! Thank you very much for this beautiful box. Nico

nafetS from Hamburg

TOP... successful compilation. Totally happy and as happy as a child unpacking in the candy shop 😊🙃

Jasmine from Asslar

Extensive product samples for smokers with information material from well-known manufacturers. bong

Bianca Kroschel from Berlin

The box is just awesome I was so happy and told all my friends about it enthusiastically

Nadine from Mönchengladbach

The goodie box is packed with love, just great. I received many different papers and filters from different brands and a super cool silicone bong. The CBD products are also great, it's really worth it! Many thanks, I'm looking forward to next time. 😊

Johanna from Meschede

Many different types of papers and filters👍🏻

Hempedelic Goodie Box von Johanna

Bianca Pohlig from Coburg

Totally great

Miss Secret from NRW

I think the goodie box is very practical because you have a lot of different products to test (try out). I can only recommend.

Bianca Pohlig from Coburg

Totally great

Smoking_Oil insta

Very cool, the fertilizer, the papers and the bong will be a cool eye-catcher at the next festival.

Marion from Bergkamen

My daughter was very happy. They're great articles

Kevin from Niebüll

The goodie box is pretty well set up, lots of papers, a grinder, disinfection and lots of other little things that make rummaging through fun. Unfortunately, there was no suitable fire, but that doesn't matter.

Hempedelic Goodie Box von Kevin

Jacky Klein from Kalbe

Many different small samples from different areas. And a great bong.

Sandra N from Cologne

I am delighted with the box. Everything has been thought of and the products are great. Thank you 🤗

Jasmine from Asslar

I also think new attractive product samples for smokers from well-known brands such as OCB, Gizeh in various new variants with information material and the cream samples with hemp are great. Very good to get to know.

Christian from Porta Westfalica

Packed to the brim. Lots of surprises in there, with a silicone bong as a highlight, of course. Really well packaged and delivered quickly. And you don't lose the tension so quickly, because you're completely unsure of what's inside.

Kevin KevoX from Itzehoe

Also this time a packed box. Really cool, the Peacemaker bong is super processed and in addition to many papes, useful gadgets and information material, pretty much everything you could wish for is in it. It's nice that many companies are part of the goodie game and that this great game is made possible for the community.

Hempedelic Goodie Box von Kevin KevoX

Germancita from Krefeld

Many thanks for the great GOODIE box. Filled to the brim with something for everyone.

Adriana Erboz from Saarbrucken

All the products were so cute! I really liked her. I have studied them carefully and gladly tested them.

Marvin from Potsdam

Ingenious box with a lot of equipment for the smoker's heart. The highlight was the bong that every festival will see from now on.

Assia from Stuttgart

Today my goodie box came, I am very happy that everything worked without any problems. A big thank you


A lot of stuff in there. I was excited

Doobie_Goo from Hesse

The information material in the box has increased my knowledge quite a bit, the stickers and the like still make me happy every day. The absolute highlight, however, was the “Peacemaker” silicone bong, which has since become my absolute favourite. Overall great box!

Polyna from Asslar

A successful box. I'm amazed at how many different brands are included. Our box contained various brands of rolling paper, filters and rolls such as: ROOR, Smoking, Hybrid and many more... There was also a bong in my neon green color (it's great), as well as various fertilizers for plants, a grinder from Bickel and Storz , various advertising material and best of all a glass pipe for on the go for repeated use. In my opinion, a colorful but very good selection of Rauch products to get to know. I can recommend the box and look forward to the next box!

Hempedelic Goodie Box von Polyna

Bibi from Berlin

I find the silicone bong the best, which was also sent in my favorite color. 🤩 I was so excited about the package and when it finally arrived, I couldn't stop being amazed. 😍 A huge thank you to all the sponsors and Hempedelic who make all this possible. THANK YOU 🥰😎

Claudia from Leipzig

Great box, was very surprised at the variety. All great things that every well-stocked household should have.

SaraNikita from Büdingen

I found the box very varied. I was very surprised by the content, as there were really many different products. I am super happy with the color of the bong. It was tried directly 😀 Thank you for receiving a box.

SPAWN from Fürstenfeldbruck

Just KILLER DELUXE ********¡!!!¡

Hempedelic Goodie Box von SPAWN

Anne from Dresden


Jasmine from Wildau

Mega ingenious goodie box 📦 I love them. The goodies are great! Every single part is awesome!

Nick from Velbert

Hello, I thought the goodie box was great! I think it's great trying out products that you wouldn't normally buy right off the bat! I was very impressed by the quality of the products!


Great goodie box. Can you use everything?

Sabrina from Übach-Palenberg

I found the mystery of the goodie box very good, I am completely satisfied. The bong has a mega colour. The game itself is a great idea.

Hempedelic Goodie Box von Sabrina

Eileen from Rackwitz

I was really excited about the box. The content is great too. I especially like the products for the plants.

Yasmine from Magdeburg

I really liked the box. Keep it up :)

Elmo from Brechtorf

Just awesome! Thank you, you gave me great pleasure

Susimouse from Bad Drukheim

The box is a huge surprise. The weekend is saved!

Hempedelic Goodie Box von Susimouse

Annamuli from Dinkelsbühl

Pretty pretty cool! I was really happy about the goodie box - it has a lot of great content and convinced me. There was a bit of everything.

pedy2709 from Weyhe

Thank you for the great box. We were very pleased. The hand cream is very productive and amazingly great. Everything else is also very good and fun.

Simone Latifi from Coppenbrügge

I was very happy about the entire contents of the box and was surprised at what was in there. Fertilizers, bong, rolling papers, filters, information material, etc. Great keep up the good work, many thanks again.

F. from Dusseldorf

So I thought it was good that you got a lot of different products from different manufacturers

Tanja from Hammerschmidt

Actually, there was nothing I didn't like... Of course, the pocket sun was the most beautiful, because to conjure up a mega big smile on someone's face with something so simple is true art :)

Hempedelic Goodie Box von Tanja

Chrissy from Lüdinghausen

Great box with lots of stuff. Am thrilled.

Karoolinke from Berlin

Great box with a nice selection of products! Always my pleasure!

Melody Turk from Dortmund

I thought the box was great. 🙂 I especially like the pink bong. 😁 Thank you very much for being able to grab a goodie box. 🥰

Elsa from Dresden

It actually worked! Lots of little things to try!


Super goodie box, I am very satisfied and so is my husband. 😅 We like to try new products. I like this box a lot :)

Hempedelic Goodie Box von Dominika

Bianc from Aurich

Yaaayyy, a big thank you. I was very happy about my goodie box. From the bong (awesome color) to rolling papers of many kinds, carbon filters, fertilizer, hand cream, information material and strong stickers...
I shared my personal link publicly on WhatsApp and Facebook, collected 52 points and a few hours later I got the email that I can order my free goodie box ;)
I can only recommend you to take part, who doesn't like nice surprises? ;) Now I'm eagerly awaiting the next goodie box and hope to jump into the lottery pot for the main prize...
Ciau says Bibi

Sebastian beans from Viersen

Toop Meggaaaaa

Susan from Rudolstadt

Everything perfect ! Mega Box, Mega Action!

Sarah from Rostock

So I was really surprised when the box arrived :) The hand cream is really awesome 😍🤩

Larry from Dresden

Was super! I was very happy when it arrived! I've made provisions for construction time and I'll just use the fertilizer for a few of my houseplants :D I also got the most beautiful bong color: pink-blue!!

Saskia from Mühlhausen

Mega good content of the goodie box. This time you could choose the color of the bong yourself, which I thought was great. There are many good things for normal use or as decoration 😊

Hempedelic Goodie Box von Saskia

Nini from Kiel

First of all I think it's super great that you really get the goodie box, I would like to say thank you for that 👍 It's well filled and the bong is mega !!!

Nadine from Gummersbach

Shipping was insanely fast. Content was fine.

Christian from Porta Westfalica

At the goodie box, the great variety was definitely great. In addition, of course, the certain tension that is in it is very, very cool. Very well packaged and fast delivery.

Markus Rotzler from Erdingen-Neckarhausen

The contents of the box were great. The many papers from Roor and the dispenser from Elements - brilliant and of course the bong... a feast for the eyes...

Hempedelic Goodie Box von Markus

Melissa from Limburg

I received the goodie box for the first time and I was very happy about the content.


I really like the goodie box! Fast delivery and great selection in the box 👍🏻

Kimberly.miez from Storkow

An insanely good box. First of all I have to say that I think the bong is super smart. She's fucking pink! 🤪 The box is generally impressive. Lots of smoking accessories and lots to grow, from fertilizer to plant stabilizer. So if you would like to grow yourself, the box is the right place for you. Everything you need.👍 I also think the hemp hand cream samples are really nice and in general it's just a really great package.

Sino from Reutlingen

The box arrived safely and well packaged, opened directly through curiosity and I have to say I wasn't disappointed. The highlight is definitely the bong, but papers, cream, grow accessories were also included. I think there is something for everyone. Thank you for this promotional campaign, which was definitely worth it.

Corinna from Erlangen

Hempedelic Goodie Box von Corinna

Leah from Brandenburg

Arrived 2 days after ordering and will now be extensively tested by me :) I'm super excited.

ShinigamiChan from Buchholz in the North Heath

My first goodie box and I'm thrilled. 😁 A silicone lady in pink, 😍 my absolute favorite color. Lots of grow tools are provided for the summer, as well as many long papers and tips/filters. Really nice idea. I'm looking forward to the next one and I'm excited to see what's in there.

Melissa from Zingst

Nice box with nice content.

Littlelilly86 from Gorlitz

Hello, first of all thank you for the goodie box and yes - they really exist - because many still don't believe it. If you have collected enough points, the goodie box will be conveniently sent to your home by post. I think earning points is great. This way, others will also notice that this box exists. Shipping was super fast and everything arrived well packaged.

Karsten P

great content

Clipper tank from Wolfsburg

Mega content - I was totally surprised that there was so much. It was really worth it people treat yourself to this box.

Hempedelic Goodie Box von Clipperpanzer

Jassi from Wildau

I am positively surprised at how great the content of the goodie box is. It is filled to the brim and very extensive.

Sandra from Cologne

I loved the variety of the box. Everything has been thought of and the products are super quality. 👍⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ I'm totally excited about the box, a great bong for every situation, mega selection of papers and great fertilizer 😍

Ariana from Hanau

The goodie box is just great. I received many great items related to smoking, including a super cool silicone bong. The CBD products are great. It's really worth it! Thanks again.

Anoushka from Brandenburg

The goodie box is awesome. There were a lot of things to smoke weed in there. Various long papers, activated carbon filter samples and even a nice silicone bong... It will definitely never break 😀 Little things like CBD chocolate, hemp cream and fertilizer for cultivation were also included, as well as a few flyers. All in all I have to say: What a mega box for a Lauiii! For all stoners and patients only to (h) recommend 😀 Stay high friends

Stefanie Schmitz from Mönchengladbach

I thought the box was great, a good mixed box with a lot in it, for example a bong. I got one in pink/blue. The color is totally bright, in any case it is immediately noticeable, no matter where you put it 🙃 Long paper, fertilizer, coupon/vouchers, hand cream with hemp ect. A really successful box. Thank you very much for that.

Hempedelic Goodie Box von Stefanie

Tanja from Ahrensburg

The Goddie Box is really awesome. In addition to the many great smoking accessories, such as rolling papers and tips, there are also CBD cosmetic items such as soap and cream. The grower's heart is not forgotten either. My absolute highlight is the pink silicone bong. Thanks again!

Hans Dampf nozzle drive

The goodie box itself was a great deal. I use the whistle included in the box regularly. In addition to new experiences in the field of plant breeding, the box gave me an understanding of some things that were unfamiliar to me, such as “Alfa Boost”, which was included as a sample. Just the right surprise from like-minded people for Christmas. Thank you very much, dear hempedelic team

Janell from Duisburg

I was super excited to see what I would get. I didn't expect much and was surprised...

Jenny from Marburg

Cute colorful box that pleases the smoker's heart

Alexander from Neckarhausen

I was very happy about the box. I was super happy about the pink Peace Maker, the rest of the things will all be used as well. Really great box and can only be recommended.

Hempedelic Goodie Box von Alexander

Jochen from Osnabrück

Nice box!

Antigravitor from Hamburg

A really great campaign, which I would like to thank because it was packed so lovingly. It was exciting to wait for and there are quite a few different things in it. Not all are an exact match, but they don't have to be. This creates new suggestions and I already have ideas 😉 I was able to use some of them very well for the festival and I even had to smile at the best piece. Thank you very much for this great opportunity, which I can only recommend to everyone. It's nice that something like this still exists.

Sandra from Cologne

I am absolutely delighted with the box. A great bong for every situation, mega selection of papers and great fertilizer 😍

Happy from Hessian Lichtenau

We were super happy about the box 😉 Everything you need was inside. Lovely again.

René from Berlin

Mega BOX!!! I was very happy. Unfortunately the sieve was missing, Mc-Gayver had made a lot of stuff for me there 😉 All good...... and then the mail, they found it and sent it to me. MEGA BOX! MEGA TEAM! Hempedelic for life. You are a nice combo!

Melissa from Zings

The goodie box is just amazing 😍 So many great and useful products, it's really worth it!😍

Hempedelic Goodie Box von Melissa

Tim from Duisburg

I'm positively surprised. Didn't really believe it at first either, but I got a goodie box and it exceeded my expectations. Thank you very much.

Claus from Hamburg

Really great doctor!!! Thanks so much!!! I was very pleased! Great box, and great travel bong! Thank you very much!

The dude from NRW

Brilliant! Everything in it that a passionate smoker needs 🙂 Endless rolling papers, tips, activated carbon filters (of course not the ones you know from a grow box, but to screw in xD), a cool rotating tray made of aluminum, pocket ashtrays and much more. And the highlight of course, the bong that just can't break :-). An all silicone (even the chillum) flexible bong! How cool is that? FESTIVAL BONG ! (Even with integrated anti-theft protection, by pop pink color xD) Thanks again for this more than plump package!

Johnas44 from Wolfsburg

Fantastic! So I'm definitely excited. Thank you 😃

Nicole from Wernigerode

I am enthusiastic about the box, the campaign in general and the products. The quality of each product is very good. Among other things, the following items were included:
A silicone bong (which glows in the dark), a variety of papers, tips and acts of different brands, some on the subject of 'growing' and corresponding information material and some brochures and vouchers. All in all a great box with great products. Keep it up !

President from Gießen

All the papers were awesome and of course the bong.

Hempedelic Goodie Box von Präsi

Tatyana from Hesse

I gave the box to a friend and we had a lot of fun unpacking and teasing other friends who also participated. The bong is great for travel and is also easy to clean, the other goodies, ashtray, grinder etc. plus advertising were informative and super. Everything fine with the box.

Sonja from Fürstenfeldbruck

I was super excited about the contents of the goodie box! Not just the many small gadgets like the Ashtray2Go for on the go, rolling utensils that I didn't know yet, as well as the eco-papers with tips and many really mainly environmentally friendly / environmentally friendly new things that you can really always use. The silicone bong, which is really more than great for festival visits and can even glow in the dark, and the large Gizeh rolling base were a successful addition. Really a big thank you to everyone who came up with the idea for the goodie box! Super successful, that's all there is to say about it.

Ingeborg from Marburg

There are many great products in the box. The box is really great and the bong is just awesome. A really brilliant mix. Many different samples and great papers with activated carbon filters. Very nice box that I can only recommend.

Lexxie Hartman from Marburg

Lots of choice and individual


Great put together box.

Susie from Geldern

I am positively surprised by the large selection of different products: papers, filters, grinders, a bong. I opened the box and just thought: 'WOW, that's a lot!'

Hempedelic Goodie Box von Susi

Dr Dude420 from Erkelenz

Moin Moin, first of all thanks for this more than bulging goodie box. There was really something of everything, a cool aluminum tray to rotate, pocket ashtrays, lighters, activated carbon filters, papers without end etc., grow stuff and and and... And this ingenious bong. What you don't notice at first if you don't know: the bong is completely flexible and absolutely indestructible! How cool is that please? It's probably the perfect festival bong.

Burak from Hamburg

great bong Great assortment. thanks again

Icke from Schweinfurt

WoW, of everything in it with lots of things that you don't even know.

Leo from Schleswig-Holstein

The fertilizer was phenomenal and overall the overall package was a real asset.

Danny from Aachen

I thought it was great how easy and uncomplicated it was with the goodie box... I shared the link with my friends and received every single point directly! Within two weeks I had my box at home. Unfortunately, the box was opened and some parts were stolen from it.


Awesome box! It's not fake! A box full of things! Unfortunately I didn't photograph everything! But taking part is definitely worth it.

Sarah from Altenstadt

A super cool box with very versatile content. I was very happy about the package :) thank you very much.

Suleika from Wingst

Of course, the best is the bong. It took a while to get my Goodie Points together, but it's worth the wait.

Hempedelic Goodie Box von Suleika

Anna Richter

The goodie box is awesome. I was most excited about the blue-pink bong. Everything was really there. From food to grow and cosmetics. Thank you for the box!!


It was a great surprise and great to win something! The bong is awesome, perfect for the festival. Indestructible and to be found in the dark!

Dominique weimann

The box really works and there are nice things in it: fertilizer, papers, a small bong and so on. I would join again and again


I was absolutely thrilled when the box actually arrived. To be honest, I didn't expect that either. The joy was all the greater. I had smoking paraphernalia in it, chocolate, plant fertilizer and my highlight was a pink silicone bong! I'm definitely going to stick with it and I think it's a really good deal!


Top! Thanks very much!

Burak from Hamburg

I have to rate the goodie box very positively. Great thing to join. A nice present. There's great stuff in there. You can put it together yourself for smoking or for gardeners


I was very happy about that. A great bong was there. Good Grow Spezial remedies, a t-shirt that I love and lots of other great stuff. The only thing I would have liked would have been a smoke test or a few seeds.

Annie from Meschede

I think the GoodieGames are very cool, you can still learn a lot and get to know other shops that you didn't know before. The GoodieBox is also great because you have a range of products to choose the best for yourself. Very satisfied 😊

Hempedelic Goodie Box von Anni


Did everything work out -100% legit! Box has arrived with bong and goodies. Gladly again!


I thought the leaves and the tips were great

John from Bochum

For one thing, I thought the pink bong was great because it's not so sensitive, e.g. B if you accidentally drop them. Also great for decorative purposes. The papers and tips are very good and of good quality.

Martin from Solingen

I really liked the box. The bong is really cool. Many different samples were also included and lots of papers with activated carbon filters! All in all a successful mix, gladly again!

Va si from Stuttgart

At first I was skeptical as to whether the site was really serious, but I thought, what the heck, what do I have to lose. Then I diligently invited people and received the goodie box yesterday. Got a tracking and the package was traceable to the door. I really liked the content. There was a surprise from all categories and actually everything was usable. Papers, creams, a cute bong and grow accessories. Thank you for that, I can recommend the company and the box with a good heart.

Pinkeey from Schwamtal

Lots of super good stuff in there. The crunchy hemp is particularly delicious.

Hempedelic Goodie Box von Pinkeey


The box is just absolutely great filled with some smoking accessories, cosmetics, magazines etc. The absolute highlight is the valuable bong from Piecemaker Gear! I was absolutely amazed at how many products were in the box. Just great. A really great action.


I really liked the whole box the way it was. You could also state beforehand what you are interested in or what you are interested in.

Anita from Seligenstadt

I found the goodie box very interesting and there were really great products

Ramona Niehoff

I thought the goodie box was really great, there were really a lot of great things in it like rolling papers, grinders or the bong, it's definitely worth it !!!!! Really great action.... Thanks very much

Ramona from Stadtallendorf

The absolute highlight was the Peacemaker in neon – so lovely. I was also very pleased with the selection for growers. I can start there this year - and let's pray that I can experience success with your goodies! For us girls, the hemp cream is also worth mentioning.


Awesome box. The bong even has a lighter holder (Big)

Susan from Kassel

great box Everything you need to start with.

Hempedelic Goodie Box von Susan

René Flammiger

great content

Adrian Friebe from Berlin

Everything worked as promised and good things were also included.

Conny832 from Munich

I'm super excited. I didn't think there was such great stuff in it and I just think it's awesome!

Nick from Dusseldorf

The goodie box is absolutely amazing and I love my new pink baby. Thaaaaaaaaank

Psyborg from the third dimension

Top! Thanks very much! Super garden bong in it. Thx

prince of the village

nice box In addition to a piecemaker bong, a number of odds and ends, papers, filters and fertilizers. I liked that very much.

LaNonna from Mannheim

Awesome box... 11xLong, 2xRolls - Papers, E-Vape +10ml HHC liquid, pure pipe, filter, bong, grinder... I found the shockie in bud optics funny and delicious. So many goodies and still free, I can only recommend. Kudos to the Hempedelic team.

Hempedelic Goodie Box von LaNonna

Vanessa from Germany

I was very surprised when I got them. The content was very adapted to my selection. The pink bong that glows in the dark is pretty awesome too. I look forward to more.


I didn't believe it at first.. But today my box arrived and I'm super surprised and satisfied. I am very happy about all the products... great team and great customer support. Keep it up folks 🙂

Christian from Nordhausen

Totally class what was in it.

Lisa from Neustadt an der Weinstrasse

I took part in the goodie box competition for the first time and was really lucky to win it 😁 The box arrived today and I think it's world class! There are great products and it's fun to discover them. All in all a great surprise box

René Flammiger

Since I didn't even know the products and the box beforehand, I was skeptical. However, I was pleasantly surprised and am very happy with it.

JonnY from NRW

Was really positively surprised by the box, especially by the cute bong that also glows in the dark. A lot of information and a nice calendar for Growing, everything has been great so far. I was really happy 🙂

Hempedelic Goodie Box von Jonny

And I

Everything your heart desires

Christian from Nordhausen

Very good smoke and information article

Beate Marquardt from Saalfeld

I really liked the box!

Medi4Life from Augsburg

Great content, great products. The chocolate that looked like a bud tasted very good. Friends didn't expect it when suddenly a "bud" disappeared in my mouth.

Josi from Swabia

The goodie box was really great. Lots of products to try that I wouldn't have bought otherwise. And there was really a lot in it. At first I was skeptical and didn't believe that anything would go down well. But I am very satisfied and would take part in every new campaign. Thanks a lot for this.

Ben from Berlin

Absolutely great. I didn't believe in it at first, but then the box came and I was honestly surprised at how warmly it was packed. There's something for everyone

Socke04 from Schnaittenbach

At first I had my doubts whether the box really existed, but it worked wonderfully. The box contains many different products, I liked the different fertilizers and the samples of the Styx hand cream the best.

Jana from Leipzig

Great action. It became a fine colorful potpourri of smoking utensils and many other little things. The whistle is awesome. Ideal for outdoors.

Saskia from Krefeld

Awesome, I was so happy when the box arrived, and also the exact color on the bong that I love (pink). Fits great on my shelf :) . I'm looking forward to the next box

Hempedelic Goodie Box von Saskia

Axel from Losheim

First of all, thank you for the great goodie box! Thanks to you, I now have enough papers and activated carbon filters for the next few years. Plant fertilizer for my darlings, stickers and a super cool bong were included in the box! Again: a thousand thanks ;o)

Jonny McKush from Moenchengladbach

I especially liked the grow accessories. But also the large selection of papers and tips.

Benny from Dortmund

Top goodie box, was a great content

Anna from Handeloh

More diverse than I thought and a lot of very useful things included. I found it a bit a pity that there were no seeds 🙂

Psyflame from Hamburg

Thanks very much. I was completely satisfied. That put a smile on my face for a few days

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