Your product samples free of charge to potential customers
The Hempedelic Goodie Box will be sent free of charge to participants in the Hempedelic Goodie Game who have earned enough points. Many sponsors support the goodie box and contribute products.

The recipients of the goodie box are carefully selected in advance via the goodie game, because only interested participants will receive a free goodie box. This ensures that the samples end up with exactly the right testers and potential future customers.

Through a highly developed online marketing automation, you have the option of reaching the recipient of the goodie box by insert, email or video at the same time as the goodie box is being sent. For example, you could explain the product, get customer feedback, offer coupons, and more. Feel free to contact us if you would like to advertise your product via intelligent online marketing automation.

All Hempedelic Business customers now have the opportunity to have product samples included in the goodie box free of charge, thereby making the brand particularly valuable to stoners, growers and other hemp lovers.
Reviews from Goodie Game players who received their Goodie Box.
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  • "I'm very excited about my goodie box and of course I'd like to say thank you for this great campaign. I'm really looking forward to the next round. There were a lot of cool things in it that you can definitely use 👍"
    Goaelfe, Duisburg
  • "The box was super cool. The indestructible bong was a hit. The Grow products will be used in the summer. Super cool campaign and it was fun to take part in the campaign."
    Raphael, Hueckelshoven
  • "I was very happy about the box. I was super happy about the pink Peace Maker, the rest of the things will also all be used. Really great box and can only be recommended."
    Yvonne, Nordkirchen
  • "I was really pleasantly surprised by the box, especially by the cute bong that also glows in the dark. A lot of information and a nice calendar for growing. Everything was great so far. I was really happy 🙂"
    Johnny, North Rhine-Westphalia

Goodie Box recipients' opinions:

Fred from near Fulda immediately ordered:
"I think the compilation of the contents (of the goodie box) is just super. For example, I had the pleasure of trying out carbon filters :) And what can I say: I ordered some right away..."

Hans Dampf Duesentrieb is enthusiastic about Alfa Boost:
"The goodie box was a great campaign. I use the whistle in the box regularly. In addition to new experiences in the field of plant breeding, the box has brought me closer to some things that were unfamiliar to me, such as Alfa Boost, which was included as a sample. .."

Miss Secret from NRW likes to test new products:
"I think the goodie box is very practical because you have a lot of different products to test (try out). I can only recommend them..."

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