Magic marketing with artificial intelligence

Welcome to the new era of hemp communication!

We are convinced that a good conversation makes the difference. That's why we created Doc Delic, an AI chatbot that not only understands your customers, but also speaks their language.

Doc Delic - Friend, Advisor, Influencer

Doc Delic isn't just a chatbot - he's a virtual friend and advisor. Imagine your customers talking to an AI assistant who knows your company's products and offers personalized suggestions in real time. This immersive, interactive experience strengthens the bond with your brand and helps tell your story in an original and compelling way.

Brand communication becomes an experience

Our AI, Doc Delic, turns customer requests into interactive experiences starring your brand. And the best part? These conversations remain firmly embedded in the minds of customers, resulting in increased visibility and long-term exposure.

Reach your target audience - on a personal level

With Doc Delic you not only reach your target group on a deep, personal level, you also create a community that appreciates and recommends your brand. Let's write the next chapter of your brand story together. Join us on the journey - the adventure begins here and now!

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This is a Doc Delic Chat. interact with him. We are happy to advise on ways to integrate brands into the chat. Be sure to visit the website as well


Your advantages with Doc Delic


The individual and authentic exchange promotes a strong engagement and strengthens the relationships between brand and users.

Increase in customer loyalty

Building a strong relationship with customers increases the likelihood that they will make repeat purchases.

Increase in brand visibility

With each individually generated conversation, the visibility and awareness of your brand increases.

Target group specific communication

Reach your target audience on a personal level, which increases brand engagement and loyalty.

more interactive

The AI chatbot creates a dynamic, interactive space where customers can collect and share their own experiences.

product placement

The ability to suggest products within the dialog offers a unique advertising opportunity and increases brand appeal


Doc Delic integrates seamlessly into your communication channels, resulting in stronger customer loyalty.


The Hempedelic product testers act as influencers. The products are shared on Instagram and seen 1000 times

form of advertising

With Doc Delic you use an innovative form of advertising that goes far beyond classic ads thanks to direct communication

Appointment booking for your strategy session

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