Imagine prospects automatically reacting to your offers, visiting your website and becoming enthusiastic customers
Each player in the Goodie Game receives a weekly sponsored email with a product-related GOODIE QUIZ. To answer the question it is necessary to visit the sponsor's website.

Points are awarded for the correct answer. Anyone who has collected enough points will receive one of the very popular Hempedelic goodie boxes with great product samples.

This concept has been proven to generate a much higher percentage of website visitors than would be possible with other online advertising measures.

In addition, these potential customers get to know your advertised products much better, since the quiz question has to be answered, in which the correct answer ideally explains the unique selling point (USP) of the product and thus turns website visitors into interested parties and customers.

Fantastic results

To date, more than 7,500 community members have responded to one of our own goodie quiz mails to around 14,500 participants, visited the website and answered the question.
How would this concept affect your business?
How many website visitors and new customers do you want?
The players in the GOODIE GAME get points in the GOODIE QUIZ for visiting the sponsors' websites and get to know the products at the same time. Those who have collected enough points get a GOODIE BOX sent home. That's why many players visit the sponsor websites, learn about the products and are ready to buy faster.

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Your advantages with the Hempedelic Goodie Quiz

High reach in the hemp target group

Strongly growing community with more than 15,000 registrations so far

Lots of visitors for your website

...where interested parties (have to) get to know the uniqueness of the product 😀!

Online ads despite advertising ban

Ad delivery via Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, Telegram and more

Multiply existing customers

Automatic generation of new prospects via your existing customer list

New newsletter subscribers

Accelerated generation of opt-ins for e.g. your newsletter

Free product sampling

Postage-free and automatic sampling of up to 1000 product samples to Goodie Box recipients

Example campaigns

Now it's getting exciting!
That GOODIE QUIZ is a completely new form of advertising in the hemp industry. You can click through some sample campaigns right now.
You will first of all land in the web version of the GOODIE QUIZ. The players have to solve this quiz in order to win points. If enough points have been collected, the participants get a GOODIE BOX with product samples sent home.
In order to correctly answer the quiz question, it is necessary to visit the sponsor's website. As a result, the player has intensive contact with the advertised product.

The campaign pictured generated nearly 930 website visits and good sales. The campaign consisted of a GOODIE QUIZ and a follow up mail that included a coupon that gave the player special discounts for online shopping.
By the way: This sample campaign only ran for about 3 weeks. the regular ones GOODIE QUIZ Campaigns run for a full year.
Now you can immediately test a GOODIE QUIZ without subscribe to the GOODIE GAME Usually the player has only one chance to answer the quiz question. In a special test environment you can answer the quiz several times and click through a little.
But here are 2 examples:

Of course, you are also cordially invited to register for the GOODIE GAME as usual:

The campaign structure

Your advantages with the Hempedelic Goodie Quiz

Your goodie quiz booking