Turn your fans into missionaries of your brand
Spread your brand message virally across the internet
The GOODIE PAGE is a landing page where participants in the GOODIE GAME can register for the game in order to earn GOODIE POINTS through actions. If enough points have been collected, the participant will receive a GOODIE BOX as a reward.

friends recruit friends

In order to receive the GOODIE BOX, the players must, among other things, invite other players to the GOODIE GAME. The number of players increases rapidly! The invitation is made via a recommendation link, which then directs the friends of the other players to the GOODIE GAME registration page. So that the players can invite as many new participants as possible, social media channels are used - no stoner group is now safe from the Hempedelic goodies 😀 Alone on Facebook, over 1000 friends are currently coming to the GOODIE GAME every day and many also register.

So, here it comes...

The viral process starts

Not only is there ONE signup page, each sponsor has ITS OWN signup page. As soon as a participant registers via this GOODIE PAGE, the new player automatically receives exactly this page as a pre-installed recommendation link, so that with every recommendation via a sponsor's GOODIE PAGE, a viral process starts that turns more and more people into your brand ambassadors.

Promotion despite advertising ban

In this way, the sponsors receive free advertising on Facebook and other social media, chat systems and other channels, even if the product is subject to an advertising ban. The advertising is not played out via an advertising account, but completely organically via the participants.

Lots of contacts

Within the GOODIE GAME, the sponsors offer campaigns in which participation is rewarded with GOODIE POINTS. With every GOODIE GAME, the player then has the opportunity to use the recommendation link of another sponsor. The sponsor's automatically set link, with which the player started the game, remains the same throughout the campaign, so that many thousands of new contacts can be reached!

Tip for customer duplication!

By inviting your customers to your GOODIE PAGE, you will achieve mass distribution of your GOODIE PAGE. With some special marketing tricks, which we are happy to tell you in a personal conversation, you can multiply your customer list!

And then still free???

The GOODIE PAGE is free for our GOODIE GAME customers! After all, EVERYONE has something to do with it.
Your GOODIE PAGE will be advertised virally on social media by the GOODIE PAGE players and will spread rapidly on the internet!

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Your advantages with the Goodie Page

High reach in the hemp target group

Strongly growing community with more than 15,000 registrations so far

Viral distribution of your advertising sharing your GOODIE PAGE with the participants of the GOODIE GAME

Online ads despite advertising ban

Ad delivery via Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, Telegram and more

Multiply existing customers

Automatic generation of new prospects via your existing customer list

Free online advertising

The participants of the GOODIE GAME spread your advertising on organic channels

Free for Hempedelic customers

The GOODIE PAGE is automatically included in our marketing packages.

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