Hempedelic Goodie Guide

Print magazine with built-in online marketing
The Hempedelic Goodie Guide is distributed as part of the goodie bag at the most important trade fairs and hemp events in Germany. At first glance, Hempedelic seems to be just a normal handy magazine, but the difference is revealed in the details...

Product promotion with viral effect

Completely new and unique is the ingenious possibility to automatically generate new customers via your ad
The readers of the magazine receive a comprehensive presentation of the goodie game and the associated advantages. The sponsors involved in the Goodie Game are presented in the Hempedelic Goodie Guide. Readers can choose a favorite product in the magazine and support this product by registering for the goodie game on the product's landing page and thus continue to share this page on social media. Learn more about the landing page HERE.
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Your advantages with a Hempedelic Goodie Guide campaign

trade fair magazine

The Goodie Guide is personally distributed hand to hand at the most important hemp fairs in Germany

100% target group

Since 100% target group is present at trade shows, a promotion in the Hempedelic Goodie Guide reaches many potential customers

100% distribution

While stacks of other magazines remain in the shops and distribution points, Hempedelic is distributed at 100%.

Cheap prices

With one booking you can reach 3 important hemp events in Germany - and at favorable conditions

Magic viral customer acquisition

The connection with the GOODIE GAME makes it possible to direct the readers of the Hempedelic Goodie Guide to your sponsor's landing page and thus have online ads played out via social media. Learn more about this feature HERE.

The Hempedelic Goodies Guide is distributed at Germany's most important hemp events within the goodie bag

The specifications

Total circulation: 21,000 copies
Hand to hand distribution in the Hempedelic Goodie Bag
Handy A5 size
• Mary Jane, Berlin (July 15-17)
• Hanfparade, Berlin (13 August)
• Cannafair, Berlin (26-28 August)
Linking of advertisements / promotions with online marketing campaigns of Hempedelic Goodies 
mary jane hempparade cannafair In total Ad size
location Berlin Berlin Dusseldorf
date 15-17 July 13 Aug 26-28 Aug
edition 12000 3000 6000 21000
2 pages 1100 € 550 € 800 € 1990 € 296x210mm
1 page 600 € 300 € 450 € 1090 € 148x210mm
1/2 page 400 € 200 € 300 € 690 € 148x105mm
All prices are exclusive of VAT
Please deliver the printing documents at least 2 weeks before the trade fair to:
File formats: PDF, JPG, TIF
Color mode: CMYK Euroscale
Bleed: 4mm on all sides
Please also keep a distance of at least 5mm from the text at the edge of the ad

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