Generate qualified visitors for your online shop or website and convert them into customers with a 20x higher conversion rate
Many of our customers face a constant dilemma: They want to advertise their Hemp/Grow products or shops, but the usual advertising platforms often block such ads, which means that valuable marketing potential is wasted. In addition, it is often difficult to keep track of marketing costs and ensure that every cent invested actually leads to the desired ROI.

With Hempedelic Marketing - Website Visits you can master these challenges: This service, which is specially tailored to the hemp/grow industry, ensures that your website or online shop reaches the right visitors - despite possible restrictions on other advertising platforms. You only get interested customers on your website or online shop, which can noticeably increase your sales.

We offer transparent and competitive conditions per website visit. This means you only pay for actual website visits, helping you control your marketing costs and optimize the ROI of your advertising spend.

In order to perfect the results, we offer coaching. With this knowledge it will be possible for you to achieve a conversion rate of up to 28% (instead of, for example, under 1%).

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conversion rates

The conversion shows how many people reached by an advertising campaign took a desired action. This infographic of a statistic from November 2022 shows how many people click on different advertising media.

Your advantages with the Hempedelic website visits

costs under control

You only pay for the clicks you actually get on your website

Best results

We help you to turn the many clicks on your website into customers

Perfect target group

You get qualified website visitors interested in hemp, smoking, growing and CBD


The click prices are very cheap compared to the relevant online advertising portals

Allowed without ban

Perfect for products and services that are otherwise not allowed to be advertised online

Simply fast

The setup is free and only takes 5 minutes of your precious time

Example campaigns

Now it's getting exciting!
That GOODIE QUIZ is a completely new form of advertising in the hemp industry. You can click through some sample campaigns right now.
You will first of all land in the web version of the GOODIE QUIZ. The players have to solve this quiz in order to win points. If enough points have been collected, the participants get a GOODIE BOX with product samples sent home.
In order to correctly answer the quiz question, it is necessary to visit the sponsor's website. As a result, the player has intensive contact with the advertised product.

The campaign pictured generated nearly 930 website visits and good sales. The campaign consisted of a GOODIE QUIZ and a follow up mail that included a coupon that gave the player special discounts for online shopping.
By the way: This sample campaign only ran for about 3 weeks. the regular ones GOODIE QUIZ Campaigns run for a full year.
Now you can immediately test a GOODIE QUIZ without subscribe to the GOODIE GAME Usually the player has only one chance to answer the quiz question. In a special test environment you can answer the quiz several times and click through a little.
But here are 2 examples:

Of course, you are also cordially invited to register for the GOODIE GAME as usual:

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