Reach new customers locally, regionally and nationally

Do you also know these marketing problems?

Your business spends hundreds or thousands of dollars on marketing every month, but you're not reaching enough or the right customers for the advertising budget
It hurts when you think that every single click on your online ad costs money again and again?
You sell products that are not allowed to be advertised on Facebook or Google, otherwise your account would be banned (or it is already banned) 
You are competing against strong competition in marketing communications and are therefore looking for an effective marketing tool
At trade fairs, many potential customers test your products, but trade fair costs are very high and you only reach a fraction of the possible target group there.
You offer a newsletter (even with Freebee) on your website, but only a few interested parties sign up for it?

What if... automatically reach many new customer contacts every day who have just been waiting to learn more about your products. don't care about the account block for online ads, because you can play out your ads differently and even enter private areas, where an ad would never go. can get your potential customers to answer for themselves why they should buy your products. build a strong emotional connection of prospects to your product so that they become fans.

The solution

Present your products in a target group strong community with more than 15,000 active members
Reach masses of website visitors who are actively interested in your product and are therefore more willing to buy
Have your product actively recommended by friends to friends
Multiply your own customer base and recruit customers from partners 
Have your online ads displayed for products that are banned on the ad marketplaces
Turn prospects into customers, customers into fans, and fans into influencers
Goodiebox Statistik vom 24.01.22
Development of GOODIE GAME participant numbers. These official statistics show just under 15,000 registrations by the end of January. However, about 5,000 participants are not included in this list, as they have already been removed due to inactivity. 

The Goodie Game Community Hemp Preferences

By conducting a survey in the Goodie Game community, we can determine exactly who is predominantly interested in which hemp topics. 
food, cosmetics, etc

The Hempedelic Goodies Marketing Tools

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