A lot of attention - many website visitors - immediate sales
If you donate prizes for a competition as a sponsor, then in return you want the participants to deal with your products.

Unfortunately, this is often neglected in sweepstakes. However, if you want to take part in a GOODIE RAFFLE competition, you first have to visit the sponsor's website and optionally even answer a product question.

The distribution of profits is direct. You can specify the chance (e.g. 1:10, 1:20 or 1:50) and send participants who didn't win, for example a shop discount voucher as a consolation prize.

With a GOODIE RAFFLE competition, you secure an extremely large number of website visits and generate direct sales via the coupon mailing service.

Process of a GOODIE RAFFLE campaign

Raffle Announcement

This e-mail will be sent to all participants of the Goodie Game
  • The competition is announced
  • The sponsor and the product are introduced
  • Entrant can launch Sweepstakes by visiting Sponsor's website (Magic Link in Mail)

Raffle Announcement

This e-mail will be sent to participants who visited the sponsor's website after a predefined time.
  • Short mail with "magic link"

resolution page

To this website the participant arrives after clicking on the "magic link"
  • Presentation of the sponsor
  • Instant Draw (Won or Lost)
  • Optional: Delivery of a voucher for all participants

winner mail

This e-mail will be sent to all winners
  • Congratulations text
  • Delivery of an individual winner coupon code

Lots of website visitors

Goodie Raffle Sweepstakes participants must visit Sponsor's website to enter

More sales immediately

If you don't win, you can have an automatic coupon sent to you as a consolation prize. This enables instant sales

Instant Draw

The chance of winning is adjustable and the draw takes place immediately. This can be planned for the game master and is fair for the players

Choose the scope of your goodie coupon promotion

Check the desired radius on Google Maps in which the goodie coupons should be delivered.
Enter your location, select the coupon promotion km-radius and then press the [Search] button
The conditions for goodie coupons are calculated according to range. If you want to reach local and regional customers for a local shop, you can get the annual deal for the 20km radius package for just €20/month.
Germany-wide coupon delivery to ALL Goodie Game e-mail recipients is available from as little as €100/month.
From the 100 km radius offer, a shop entry is also integrated in all printed Hempedelic magazines for the year 2022.
Think about what your last ad cost you and compare it with this offer.
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Goodie Coupon price list [fold out]

Advertising radius * 20 km 50 km 100 km 200 km EN
Advertising circle diameter * 40 km 100 km 200 km 400 km EN
Advertising space (sqkm) * 1256 sq km 7854 sq km 31416 sq km 125664 sq km 357588 sq km
Percentage area of Germany 0,35% 2,2% 8,8% 35% 100%
Cost per month (with annual contract) €20 €40 €60 €80 €100
Billing in the annual contract €240 €480 €720 €960 €1200
Monthly billing €36 €72 €108 €144 €180
including HEMPEDELIC SHOPGUIDE for all magazines in 2022 from the booking date of the coupon promotion YES YES YES
We charge €30 for changes to the coupons - all prices are exclusive of VAT

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